Digital business models are not only becoming overwhelmingly important for consumers, but to the same extent valuable for companies to rethink their business models and go-to-market approach. Established consulting firms are facing challenges when it comes to questions around “digital”. Therefore, digital experts are needed. In this respect, digital readiness assessments are becoming increasingly important to develop digital strategy in 5 steps and design the digital transformation journey (incl. roadmap and execution plan). But what exactly does a digital readiness assessment entail?

Why perform a digital readiness assessment?

Digital readiness assessments are performed on a yearly basis (recommended) in order to assess the digital maturity (digital excellence score) and to confirm the progress on the digital initiatives executed. It is primarily undertaken on behalf of shareholders and C-Level in order to provide them with adequate information to make further investment decisions and understand if the company is on the right track. A digital readiness assessment is therefore of interest to all stakeholders wishing to accelerate digital transformation which potentially involves new digital products and services, omnichannel go to market concepts, E-commerce Business and/or digital revenues and understand the potential and scalability to drive digital sales and EBITDA. The topics of a digital readiness assessment are to some extent different for consumer businesses, B2B or enterprise SaaS businesses, but the framework still applies.

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