Traditional sales organizations need to invest into digital. Customers learned to use digital channels and are demanding digital services. Read more about our 5 tips for successful digital sales transformation.

1. Analytics and Data-Driven Selling

Most companies are still not making enough of the data they own. Data about customers remains in silos and offline data (e.g. transactions, sales) is not connected to online data, that customers generate when searching online, interacting with a company’s website or purchasing the product online. But analyzing customers data is key to empower sales teams, apply best in class lead nurturing tactics and enable individual shopping experiences. This requires marketing intelligence, advanced tracking and analytics and optimized processes between marketing and sales. By knowing what potential customers look at, which products they check out on what kind of device and at what time of the day, a company can use all this data to create “customer profiles” (Customer data platform). Leveraging this information creates a truly individual user experience (pre- and post-sale activities) increasing the likeliness of mere visitors turning into loyal and happy customers.

2. Technology: CRM and Marketing Cloud

Best-in-class sales organizations monitor the behavior of their clients in order to understand their buying behavior and their individual information need before deciding on a purchase.

Traditional sales organizations often lack the investments in tools that enable easy tracking of all interactions with their customers. Tools have become much more sophisticated and customer relationship management tools (CRM) and marketing clouds (MC) have become very popular over the past five years. But what can they do for you?

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