Have you been thinking about alternative ways for driving quality organic traffic to your website? 

We have recently been experiencing extremely positive results from the use of Google Answer Boxes for a number of our clients. This feature allows users to easily access and answer certain questions without being required to leave the Google results page. Google Answer Boxes are derived from information that is written as content on websites but is displayed as a full answer on the Google search results page.

What is a Google Direct Answer Box?
The Google Direct Answer Box is an answer to a question asked by the user that appears automatically at the top of search results. It is also called Quick Answer Box, Rich Answer or Featured Snippet Box. It is a readable answer, meaning it can be viewed by users that search for that specific question. The search result shows the full answer to the user’s query, giving a much higher visibility on the page.

Example of a Google Direct Answer Box on the Google search results page:

Google Answer Box Example

How efficient is a Google Direct Answer Box?
From our experience, after optimising our client’s website to meet all technical requirements for Google, we have reached 1825 [free] organic visits within the space of a couple months.

Google Answer Box Example

What kind of questions we usually address?
First of all, we make sure that we have a question that users are looking for; that is to say with a high monthly average search volume, we also ensure the query is directly associated to our client’s business. Questions should ideally include a direct answer to questions such as: “How to”, “Why”, “What”, etc.
There are several research tools available such as Google Keyword Planner which helps identify the right question for your specific business.

How we work with Google Direct Answer Box from a technical point of view?
For the Direct Answer Box to be seen by Google, the question in its exact form has to be the H1, and placed at the very top of the page. The answer, whose structure is explained below, must appear right after the H1 without any other HTML tag or Java script in between.
For every SEO optimized page, both a clear and concise meta title and meta description are necessary to get a high click through rate. It is advised to have the question of the Google Direct Answer Box included in the URL. All articles should contain paragraph tags at the beginning and the end of each section, and no line breaks. The proper use of HTML list tags is also important to remember when optimizing the content for Answer Boxes. The ordered list tag is best for articles that provide users with a series of sequential steps such as “how to”. Unordered lists are more appropriate for a series of bulleted points. In order to fit the text into the Google Answer Box, it should be as extensive as 250 to 350 characters, that is to say 45 to 60 words.

Which countries are available for Google Direct Answer Box?
The Google Direct Answer Box was initially set up in the United States. It was later launched in 10 European countries:
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Germany
• Finland
• France
• Italy
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Poland
• Sweden

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