The iBusiness Top 100 SEO list acts as a quarterly produced directory of the most important SEO agencies in Germany; and we are proud to announce that once again, we have been awarded a place amongst the best of them for this year’s third quarter.

iBusiness, together with its partners BVDW, Sistrix and Suchmaschinentricks uses the companies’ Visibility Index to build their Who’s Who of German SEO agencies by cross referencing them against SEO-relative keywords.

Other factors are also taken into consideration such as SEO related awards or quality seals such as the BVDW SEO Certificate. Finally, any lectures in SEO that the company and its staff have hosted or participated in are considered to give a holistic picture of the company and its activities.

We look forward to progressing with the successes of 2016 and are excited to see OMMAX on iBussiness’ Top 100 SEO list in the final quarter.

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