Are you looking to increase customers to your physical store? Are you looking for ways to digitally attract them? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you might be interested in the upcoming local search ads introduced by Google recently.


About local Search ads
Local search ads on Google Maps is a new advertising feature (coming soon) to attract customers which are in the local range of your business. Advertising on Google Maps enables potential customers to discover and come to your physical location when searching for products and services on Google Maps. Google states that “Ads on Google Maps make it easy for people to contact, find, and make their way to your business location.” Google uses locations from a linked Google My Business account to show location information with your ad: such as address, phone number, business hours, reviews etc. This means it is therefore very important to have a Google My Business account set up.

A recent research on “Customer’s Local Search Behaviour” with 5000+ US smartphone users Conducted by Ipsos MediaCT and Purchased commissioned by Google on May 2014, shows that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. Other insights thus show that 18% of local smartphone search led to a purchase within a day. From these insights one can definitely identify a trend and connection between local search and purchases. Given this Google’s latest announcement about local search ads on maps is great news for offline businesses since it can help a lot driving customers to your physical store.


Who should use local ads?
This ad feature, which will be available soon, is made for companies offering products and services in physical stores (eg. If you want to drive sales for your local retail shop).


How can local ads benefit your business?
There are three powerful ways location ads can help your business:
• You can advertise using specific zip code and radius to attract customers near your stores;
• You can use the call button or direction button to help customers to perform a certain action while using their smartphones (see image below);
• You can give promotions to incentivise new and returning customers to come to your store (see image below).


How will the local ad look like?
Below you can see an example of how the new revealed Google ad will look when you finish typing eg. drugstore on Google Maps using a mobile phone. As you can see, the ad together with the promotion can be quite prominent because of the differently coloured pin, the logo and the information appearing below the map. Users can tap the ad to learn more about your business, such as opening hours, view customer reviews, etc.



How will Google charge for local search ads?
For search ads on Google Maps, the price is calculated by cost-per-click (CPC) and is based on the following click types:
• “Get location” clicks (eg. when users click to expand ads from the results list)
• “Get direction” clicks (eg. when users click to find the way to the store)
• “Call button” clicks (eg. when users click to call the store)

Google is quietly testing this new ad format, therefore it is not yet available on Google Adwords. We are optimistic about the success of Local Ads for physical stores and we will update you when we have more insights. Meanwhile you can learn more about our Digital Marketing Services.