What are the most important digital trends everybody should be aware of? How does the online marketing industry develop? And most importantly, how can you become an Online Marketing Rock Star?

Last week, the city of Hamburg was the place to be in the world of online marketing experts. On the 22nd and 23rd of March, one of the biggest and most important conferences in Germany took place, with more than 300 speakers and exhibitors, two big stages, guided tours and 120 masterclasses. OMR Festival had 40,000 attendees who were eager to become familiar with some of the industry’s largest names and success stories in Europe. The conference was enriched by famous speakers, such as Lars Ulrich from Metallica and top model Lena Gercke, and not to mention the big brand speakers from Facebook, Google, Zalando, Douglas, mymuesli, Adidas, and Lego.

Google speech at OMR 2018

Google speech at OMR Festival 2018

OMR Festival learnings: voice search, mobile optimisation and Google Tools

The hot topics of the OMR’s masterclasses were similar to other known conferences and included the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web App) development and implementation, SEO and SEA on Amazon, and voice search etc. Some of the most valuable findings that OMMAX took away from the festival are as follows:

    • AMP and PWA should definitely be considered as a part of your digital strategy, however you should plan the process accordingly. Choose wisely which page you want to build as an AMP, since there has to be enough data in order to measure its development. Zalando’s example was a landing page about Kashmir, the product category page and the homepage. AMPs are easier to set up in terms of implementation, so if resources are low, they should be considered before PWA. With regards to PWA, you first need to identify whether your customers are using your product/service whilst offline and how it would be possible to engage them during that time. Trivago, for example, explored how they could still engage their clients with their service who might have been traveling and were consequently offline.


    • Google is constantly creating new analytics solutions for marketers and one of those is Google Attribution which was introduced in May 2017. It allows marketers to collect data from different sources, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and DoubleClick Search. It uses machine learning to collect all the data and is easy to use by simply connecting the Google Analytics account with Google Attribution. The keywords used for the campaigns can be sourced from Google Attribution and then used in one of your Google AdWords Campaigns. This results in better conversion rates and lower campaign costs. Additionally, based on the analysis from Google presented during the conference, display ads are hugely underrated and are fast becoming the best paid channel (paid search is overrated).


    • For most online retailers Google Shopping is a crucial channel to generate revenue. Just by clicking on the “shopping” tab in Google, a user can get familiar with what you offer and buy your product(s). One attribution of Google Shopping highlighted by Google was that as a German company, you are still able to sell your products in Switzerland, despite not having a website designed to target the Swiss market or prices available in Swiss francs. You can still offer your products to consumers in Switzerland and Google will convert your euro prices into Swiss francs based on the current exchange rate (the prices will be displayed next to each other in both currencies).


    • The success factors that Ryte deemed important in the process of rebranding their company were agile organization and efficient tools used for data aggregation and processing, digital product design and workflow. The tools mentioned by the former Onpage.org were Datadog, Portfolio for Jira and InVision. Ryte also presented some new functions within the ‘content success’ part of their software, such as keyword monitoring based on Google data and keyword cannibalisation, which help to create even more outstanding and unique content.

Big stages and successful brands

One of the most exciting appearances during OMR was the story of mymuesli and how they became a “love brand”. Thanks to an extensive personalisation of their product, special marketing actions such as “sing my name” (in which people could receive a personalised happy birthday song), the offline shop (which helped them to be even more available and close to their customers) and having the signatures of the founders on each muesli package. This strategy is evidence that having a successful business is not just about the product, but more importantly about the relationship you have with your customers. Another interesting presentation was given by Sharmadean Reid, the founder of WAH Nails, which contained her story about how she created a new type of innovative beauty space. Two of the top innovations from her salon are the usage of virtual reality and Whatsapp. The virtual reality allows the customers to visualise and create their own dream nails, which can then be directly printed on the salon’s Art Pro Nail Printer. Whatsapp is used as a booking platform for appointments via the use of a special booking bot, this optimises the process and reaches clients in the channel that they are the most present in.

Live music at OMR 2018

Live music at OMR Festival 2018

OMR Festival 2018 Evaluation

The conference is one of the biggest in Germany and also has many side events and exhibitions which give the attendees an amazing opportunity to meet with the best agencies and companies to hear their success stories. It is a highly recommendable event, especially for project managers and company owners, as many reputable agencies and firms present their tools and services. Moreover, all the concerts, parties and musicians which were featured in between the presentations and workshops gave a great additional value, which definitely differentiated this event from others.