Each year, thousands of private equity and venture capitalist enthusiasts gather in Berlin for the SuperReturn International – the largest private equity and venture capital event worldwide. In fact, this year’s conference, held between February 26 and March 1, will host over 2,300 attendees, 550 LPs, and 400 speakers.

Eager to learn and move forward within an ever-evolving industry, participates will discuss the ways in which private equity and venture capital is adjusting in response to economic and geopolitical developments – and the opportunities resulting from those adjustments. Among those discussants will be speaker Toni Stork, founder and Managing Partner of OMMAX, a digital strategy consulting firm based in Munich and Hamburg.

Toni Stork, OMMAX Digital Solutions

Mr. Stork, who heads 100 consultants specializing in digital strategy, digital marketing, and transaction advisory, is himself internationally recognized as a top digital expert. He and his team advise international firms on how to best create innovative digital strategies and business models, ultimately implementing new, tested methods of digital marketing across multiple channels. As such, Mr. Stork will be discussing his home turf in his talk on “Benchmarking the German Tech/VC scene in a European Context” addressing questions regarding the VC ecosystem’s evolution in Germany and what investors can subsequently expect.

Mr. Stork, who holds a Master of Science in Accounting, Finance, and Taxation from the University of Mannheim, will be speaking on the event’s opening day at 16:00 at the German Private Equity Summit – save the date!

If you’re interested in an internal audit of your company’s digital presence, contact digital@ommax.de!

Mr. Stork is available for statements and interviews regarding the SuperReturn International Event. Please contact lisa.noeth@ommax.de for your enquiry.