The Latest Web Challenges

Technology’s prevalence in society has driven consumers to an online market. These new habits make strong and successful websites that much more important, and as such have introduced new challenges for web designers. With this consistently increasing online trend, competition for creating and sustaining original and innovative websites is becoming a growing challenge. Many developers find themselves asking how they will make their website stand out whilst still keeping up with the current popular design trends. Web design trends also have to take changing consumer habits into consideration; the latest one being a decrease in attention span which is making the fast transfer of information increasingly integral. With this decrease in attention span comes the importance of visuals and content organization. In reaction, many web challenges and web design trends have been geared towards easy navigation and clean organization to make sites as user friendly as possible.

The Latest Web Design Trends

In coordination with the latest web challenges, web design has been adapted to minimalize text, making information transfers as seamless and quick as possible. With this change comes an increased focus on the aesthetics of websites. Recent web design trends have led developers to improve and streamline the use of animations and other visual effects on their websites. These include loading animations, hover effects, menus and more, in an attempt to make websites aesthetically pleasing and visually unique.

Google has also recently launched a movement encouraging ‘Material Design’ over traditional flat design. This shift is geared towards making websites notable and memorable by creating depth through shadows, color schemes, ghost buttons and various other design features that aren’t present in flat design. If implemented, this would effectively change the current look of most websites.

The Latest Mobile Trends

With the current saturation of technology, consumers are increasingly interacting and consuming on their smartphones and tablets, rather than laptops or PCs. This is a substantial consideration for the structure and aims of web design trends. These devices are convenient and almost always physically with the consumer, forcing attention to be paid to making mobile sites easier to navigate. To accommodate this, web designers have to consider their user friendliness on mobile sites. The organisation and implementation of content for websites are becoming progressively more intelligible and efficient, enabling users to continue browsing sites successfully on any device.

The Latest Social Media Trends

Snapchat and Instagram have been thriving amongst consumers in popularity and reach. This perfectly demonstrates the shift from textual to visual importance and can be seen in the increased use of image carousels, infographics, and descriptive videos. This helps to clarify a service or product in a clear and inclusive way and directly corresponds to the changing methods of successfully interacting with consumers. What works for websites in terms of content and design is constantly adapting to the behaviors of consumers, stay informed and ahead of the trends through expert analysis by OMMAX.