OMMAX Application Process

IYour Application

Cover Letter
Simple and concise - show us what makes you the perfect candidate for the position
(please indicate you earliest starting date and salary expectations)

Send us an updated overview of your professional experience, education, etc.

Relevant certificates, including employer references and university transcripts

IITelephone Interview

HR Team
Expect to be asked about yourself, your experience and expectations

To become aquainted with some of your potential colleagues, a consultant or expert will participate in the interview

Ask your questions
Feel free to ask anything you would like to know about OMMAX and the position you applied for

IIIFinal Interview

Management Team
This interview phase is held to discuss your professional experience in more detail

Case Study Presentation
You will prepare and present a case to showcase your analytical skills and prior knowledge in the field

Open Questions
We want you to get to know us – it is important that you are motivated and comfortable with your job