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Data-Driven Marketing & Sales Analytics

Munich, 16.05.2019

Organizations are dependent on making fast data-driven decisions – doing so will become even more mission-critical in the future. Francie Weidner, Head of Business Intelligence & Paid Advertising at OMMAX gave a presentation at this year’s OMR in Hamburg together with our partner Tableau Software.

With new technologies and analysis opportunities presenting themselves almost every day, fast yet elaborate data-driven insights are a key for marketers, analysts, and executives to stay ahead of their competitors, monitor business KPIs, and predict future outcomes of business activities. In her customer-centric presentation, Francie Weidner demonstrated data-driven solutions in action and addressed questions around challenges faced by companies today in terms of data (e.g. efficient marketing campaign management, consolidation of data from different countries in one report, and the identification of marketing-to-sales funnel issues).

You can watch a video of the full presentation here.

Do you want to learn more about how we solved such and other issues by using Tableau? Contact Francie Weidner via francie.weidner@ommax.de.

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