Felix Staeritz

Owner of Staeritz Holding and Staeritz & Company


Felix Staeritz is a globally recognized leader in transforming, building and scaling new (digital) businesses and acquiring and integrating new technologies with established businesses. Felix is currently running the business building and value creation firm Staeritz & Company working with private equity firms, top-tier founders and investors and corporations with $1B+ revenue, private equity firms and the portfolio of Felix's investment firm Staeritz Holding. Staeritz & Company specializes in technology acquisitions and integrations, asset divestments and carve-outs, building growth cases and transforming traditional businesses. Staeritz Holding invests in a wide variety of asset classes with a specific focus on venture capital and private equity.

As the founder and Managing Partner of European and MENA based FoundersLane, Felix created the largest independent corporate venture builder in the world, and built more than 50 businesses with leading corporations such as Vattenfall, Allianz, Henkel, SAPTCO and Riyad Bank, creating  €1.5bn+ in total value to date, and also joined multiple (digital) boards of his clients. Felix started his investment activities after the IPO of KochAbo/Marleyspoon, a company he co-founded in 2012. Overall, the companies Felix actively supported as a co-founder or investor have reached another €1bn+ in total market value to date.

Felix has been actively sharing his insights and learnings with the global business community as Member of the Board of Digital Leaders of the World Economic Forum, as an author of multiple books, in podcasts, press interviews and in opinion pieces in leading publications. Felix earned 2 Master degrees in International Management & Business Informatics, studying at WU Vienna, CEMS and Harvard.