Florian Falk

Florian Falk

Co-Founder of Just Spices


Florian Falk is one of the co-founders of the German spice manufactory Just Spices. After studying International Management in Dortmund, Florian started his career at the German start-up company Gourmeo, where he was able to gain valuable insights into the gastronomy and cuisine sector. Following his time there, he worked as a Consultant for the Lead in Mind GmbH. During their joint time at university, Florian Falk and his co-founders Ole Strohschnieder and Bela Seebach realized that there was an incredibly large, unused potential within the spice sector.

Driven by their abundant passion for spices and inspired by a month-long “spice trip around the world”, the idea for a new, emotionally fuelled approach to cooking with spices and a corresponding online shop and product range that would inspire people to cook and experiment with different recipes and tastes was born.

Just Spices offers more than 170 innovative, natural products without any artificial flavors, is the German market leader for spice blends and a thriving multichannel brand with a strong social media presence. Just Spices was recently sold to the giant Kraft Heinz.

Florian himself has strong expertise in D2C business models, brand building and e-commerce.