Robin Spickers

Robin Spickers

Co-Founder and Managing Director of carbmee


Robin Spickers is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of carbmee, a net-zero platform that leverages data to make meaningful Scope 3 emissions reductions. He is a trained mechanical engineer with several years of experience, specializing in procurement, supply chain, data management, and digitalization - always with an emphasis on sustainable innovation.

Robin is particularly driven to solve problems that serve a higher purpose. He ultimately hopes that carbmee can help all industrial companies understand complex value creation processes in detail – comparable to the depth of an ERP system on the cost side – and in that way, play a major role in reducing global CO2 emissions impactfully, but also in line with profitable business models.

Besides this, as an engineer, it is particularly fulfilling for Robin to work on a product that is engaging from a technological standpoint. This turns the experience of building up carbmee into a fun challenge. Robin says, "Ultimately, I think our generation has a significant role to play in making sure that a few decades from now, we still see the world the way we were able to when we were kids."