Our Healthcare Summit 2023

We are delighted to host our Healthcare Summit to explore digitalization, AI, and innovation topics in healthcare with leading experts, industry pioneers, and esteemed partners


    The healthcare industry is expected to reach US$ 1.5 trillion by 2030, but the projected growth comes with an assortment of challenges for key industry contributors, who are struggling to meet contemporary demands.

    Past models of infrastructure skew both new and skilled talent away from the market. The younger and more digitally inclined generation expects less hierarchy and more innovative systems, while the older generation struggles with digital engagement. As a result, business leaders are looking to challenge the status quo and establish efficient measures within the healthcare industry to create profit, enhance communication, and generate extraordinary experiences.

    Our Healthcare Summit was a great opportunity to discuss pressing issues in the healthcare sector, explore advances in technology, data-driven insights, AI-driven solutions, and how they can augment the capabilities of healthcare professionals, enabling them to deliver higher-quality care and more.

    As strategic partners, we assist global healthcare leaders in discovering and implementing market opportunities. We offer end-to-end digital coverage, in-depth data competence, and holistic digital expertise focused on the healthcare industry.

    Our Healthcare Expertise

    4 Key Insights From the Event

      • AI strategies should be devised to encompass short-term, mid-term, and long-term perspectives. Both Narrow AI and Broad AI are expanding the horizon of possibilities across a diverse array of applications, such as enhancing efficiency and management in areas like cancer treatment, MRI image classification, personalized healthcare solutions, clinical data interpretation, and more
      • The industry has observed a significant shift from reactive care to proactive preventative care, with a total valuation of approximately US$ 4 trillion. This transformation is driven by various key factors, such as the rise of biohacking, the thriving global supplement market (valued at over US$ 240 billion), a substantial surge in smartwatch sales, the doubling of the sports nutrition global market within just three years, and the significant impact of social sales on the healthcare market
      • The Federal Act aimed at expediting the digitalization of the healthcare system is set to revolutionize the German healthcare market. This transformation will encompass the implementation of various digital tools, including electronic health records (ePA), e-prescriptions, the expansion of teleconsultations, and more
      • The aiutanda case introduced key drivers for value creation, including a strong brand, comprehensive digitalization strategy, and well-structured data strategy

      What does that mean for key industry contributors in the healthcare and pharma industries?

        • Think big, start small, act fast: Change is required now. We must view digital as the current reality rather than something coming in the future
        • Start building communities and get closer to your audience
        • Develop new solutions and use AI for efficiency gains
        • Use the opportunity on social selling
        • Leverage technology, digitalization, and AI for better, preventive, and accurate care, and more efficient processes 

        Speakers & Presentations

          Joss Hertle

          Joss Hertle is a Digital Consultant and Coach for Digital Strategy and Transformation in the Healthcare Industry. His work is mainly focused on creating and implementing digital strategies for healthcare companies, with emphasis on the areas of Digital Marketing, data, Tech Infrastructure, Digital Commerce/e-Commerce, and organizational Transformation.

          Joss has a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, being the former Healthcare Lead at Google, former Head of Digital Business Transformation GSA at global pharmaceutical company Sanofi, and former Managing Director of Nuremberg-based digital agency xeomed.

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          Christoph Schubert

          Christoph Schubert is the Founder and Managing Partner of aiutanda, a modern outpatient Healthcare Group headquartered in Munich, Germany.

          A trained naval officer and graduate engineer, Christoph worked as a Project Manager at McKinsey & Company and as a Managing Director in the automotive industry for several years before switching to the investment side and founding two companies in outpatient care.

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            Josip Mestrovic

            Josip Mestrovic is General Manager Germany & Switzerland at Zentiva.

            With a degree in business administration, he previously worked for Sanofi Germany for over ten years - first as Marketing Manager Generics, then as Head of Generics Business in Germany.

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            Dr. Anja Konhäuser

            As a Partner & Co-Founder at OMMAX, Dr. Anja Konhäuser specializes in the development of digital go-to-market strategies. She successfully leads digital transformation projects for clients in healthcare, e-commerce, and B2B services.

            With +10 years of experience from over 150 digital projects in building, analyzing, and executing digital value creation strategies, she has successfully advised national and international leading brands on scaling digital business models. She has managed recent projects for partners such as Amazon, ghd, MG Motor, Zentiva Pharma, and MEDIFOX DAN. She has unmatched leadership and analytical skills and excels in precision. Passionate about sharing her experience and digital know-how, she is also a lecturer at prestigious universities, some of which she worked for before joining OMMAX, including the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Passau.

            Anja holds an MBA from the University of Passau and a PhD, summa cum laude, from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

            Dr. Anja Konhäuser

              Christian Brugger

              Christian Brugger is Partner and leads the Data Science & Business Intelligence practice. He has broad experience in consulting and digital media businesses, making him an expert in topics at the interception of strategy, digital, marketing, and artificial intelligence.

              In addition to his expertise in Artificial Intelligence, he handles digital strategies for national and international clients across B2B, and B2C businesses focused on data analytics and data engineering. The solutions he has implemented span across advanced dashboard and reporting solutions enabling data-driven decision-making to back-end data infrastructure and data pipeline solutions.

              Before joining OMMAX, Christian worked in strategy consulting at Booz & Company and was responsible for digital diversification at Hubert Burda Media. He has also led the corporate development and client strategies practice at the digital agency C3 Creative Code and Content.

              Christian holds a diploma in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim.

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              Impressions from the Event

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