Dr. Stefan Sambol

Dr. Stefan Sambol

Partner / Co-Founder



Dr. Stefan Sambol is Founding Partner at OMMAX and advises mid- and large-cap Private Equity Funds and large Family Offices on transactions (Commercial, Digital, Tech and Data), strategy, and ongoing value creation for their portfolio firms, covering different industries.

Stefan's vision is to build digital leaders in each vertical and develop strong (tech) equity stories, driven by data and technology. At OMMAX, Stefan co-leads the transaction advisory team (+60 people), which covers deals across Consumer & Retail, Healthcare, B2B Service, and Tech. With >15 years of expertise in accelerating the growth of companies, developing frameworks for digital growth strategies, omnichannel customer engagement models in sales and marketing, and scaling digital products and platforms. Having had articles published by Handelsblatt, Capital, Marketing Review St. Gallen, CIO Magazine, The Times, and more, Stefan is considered one of Europe's top digital experts on digital transformation roadmaps. He is a digital expert advising selected financial investors like Advent, EQT, CVC, KKR and has led >100 commercial, digital, and tech DDs.

Prior to OMMAX, Stefan worked 4 years at Rocket Internet, as co-founder of tech companies, and started his career in consulting. Stefan studied at the University of Mannheim, University of Sao Paolo, and University of Shanghai and holds an M.Sc. in Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and a Ph.D. from the University of Bayreuth.



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