Kiril Ralinovski

Kiril Ralinovski

Team Lead Data Science



Kiril Ralinovski is a Team Data Scientist at OMMAX with more than 6 years of experience in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science. His skills range from including exploratory data analysis, data cleansing to model development.

Throughout his career he has implemented data science projects for national and international projects. Kiril has been responsible for the development of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms with a focus on end-to-end development. Prior to OMMAX he worked as a Cofounder and Lead Data Scientist at onwrks – a greentech Startup specialising in Data Management and Predictive Maintenance in the wind industry. There he developed predictive models and advanced analytics for wind turbine data. This builds on top of his academic experience working as a Research Assistant at the TU Berlin on an Industry 4.0 Smart Factory project with Bosch and DMG Mori as industry partners.

Kiril holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the TU Berlin. While studying and working at the TU Berlin he published two papers focused on machine learning at leading conferences (ESANN and ICC).