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Olaf Peter Schleichert




Olaf is a Partner at OMMAX and is primarily responsible for the areas of analytics, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence as well as managing the Berlin office.

With his extensive expertise in automotive, financial service and public sector and more than twenty years of experience in business intelligence and data science, he advises OMMAX customers on how to bring their data insights to best use and how to create value by implementing smart, automated solutions. Before OMMAX, Olaf was Partner at Deloitte and in charge of setting up the Deloitte Analytics Institute and KI Park Deutschland. Furthermore, he was leading the sector Deloitte Analytics. He is considered one of Europe’s leading experts in complex data projects and has a track record of >200 successful projects within this field.

Olaf holds an MBA in Management, Accounting and Organizational Behavior from the Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh.