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Cybersecurity Protection for Your Business

OMMAX Whitepaper

OMMAX whitepaper: Cybersecurity protection for your business

Long before the global pandemic or the ongoing geopolitical disputes around the world, executives faced a challenging environment to protect their organizations from cyberattacks without hindering innovation or technological advancements. Cybersecurity is now top priority when implementing new IT projects.

The change from offline to digital has had a profound impact on cyberattacks becoming more probable as workers go remote and businesses move towards digital transformation. Current changes in technology are accelerating the need for flexible working solutions. The internet has become a vulnerable platform for global communication while cyberattacks not only include hacking and gaining control of sensitive data, but on a deeper level pose a major threat to organizations and can even be used as part of warfare strategy.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming the focus of potential attackers, as data poisoning can be used to dangerously manipulate data for machine learning. A cybersecurity governance framework and continuous "cyber hygiene" checks have become an essential way for businesses to gain stakeholder trust, and to closely monitor and provide security within organizations.

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