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New digital innovations are turning traditional approaches upside down and are changing the way customers are reached


As the digital revolution continues to spin, e-commerce continues to provide more intelligent services and applications. Digital disruptors like cryptocurrency have changed traditional approaches, while the industry’s societal impact has established high standards for customer service and accessibility.

While the modern forms of e-commerce thrive, traditional forms remain vibrant within the industry, proving to be more resilient throughout economic recessions. Leaders are acknowledging the industry’s extensive adaptability by focusing on social media, on-demand services, and digital platforms. The efficient implementation of those platforms relies heavily on big data for profitable results, but e-commerce firms willing to introduce big data analytics can expect 5-6% higher productivity than their competitors.

As the industry continues to drive forward, many companies still do not provide e-commerce to their customers. The lack of transition could be a result of uncertainty, as 77% of B2B purchasers say purchasing has become overly complicated. However, the open market leaves a substantial opportunity for e-commerce firms, along with manufacturers and distributors willing to make the transition.

Top Challenges Facing Retail & E‑commerce

  • Lack of e-commerce solutions means that many customers are not reached and therefore struggle to understand how products could help them reach their life goals, limiting global purchase rates
  • Many companies do not utilize the full power of omnichannel e-commerce to reach new clients across a variety of marketing channels and expand the reach of their sales activities
  • Retail & e-commerce digital transformation is often regarded as too expensive to implement, thus firms overlook digital execution opportunities to affordably rollout e-commerce solutions that are scalable and efficient
  • Failure to implement new market measures, or provide e-commerce at all, causes difficulties throughout the recruiting process
  • Firms struggle to utilize data efficiently, preventing societal understanding and market development within an increasingly intelligent industry

Finding Opportunity in Restructured E-commerce

Omnichannel retail strategies

Seamless integration of online and offline channels to enhance customer experience, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty across all touchpoints


Focus on digital “mobile” first to attract younger target groups (e.g., shoppable app concepts)


Beyond ecommerce offering in terms of innovation through, e.g., IoT equipped hardware and additional value add services for users (e.g., for tennis)

Community Building

Strong community approach and community building objective to dominate the user’s ecosystem and provide value-added services

Customer Centricity

Implementation of customer centricity along the whole lifecycle of a customer and increase penetration and customer lifetime value

Multiple Channels

Multi-channel opportunities by connecting ecommerce, retail stores, drive sales, and loyalty

Focus On Building Trust

Increase customer confidence and loyalty through website and digital channel optimization that eases logistical structures

Harness Effortless Purchase

Harness customer value and impact by orienting structure around the positive impact of an effortless purchase

Our Expertise

We help e-commerce leaders meet competitive worldwide demands. Our industry knowledge and research on both consumer and online data help establish our clientele at the forefront of industry expectations. We want to help our clientele establish themselves through ground-breaking procedures across all e-commerce touchpoints.

Our international team has assisted >2,000 realized projects in digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science, and transaction advisory services. With a team that speaks over 25 languages, and a 50% female-male ratio, we ensure both effective communication and representation throughout the advisory process.

Our Retail & E-commerce Experts

E-Commerce Clients

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Development and Execution of a Customized Digital Growth Strategy

How We Help Our Clients

TISSO: Ensuring long-term success with a digitalization strategy

Case Study Digital Execution Digital Strategy Digital Marketing Digitalization E-commerce Healthcare Sales Funnel Optimization Marketing

TISSO Naturprodukte specializes in the development and production of high-quality natural nutritional supplements. Founded in 1999, TISSO's range currently includes around 40 formulations, which are produced on-site in Germany and distributed internationally. OMMAX developed and implemented an omnichannel digitalization strategy for TISSO, including an evolved market positioning and branding strategy with a new company identity (CI), logo, packaging, and website; as well as providing continuous strategy, digital marketing, and web development support to ensure long-term success.

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  • +19% e-commerce conversion rate YoY with website relaunch
  • +47% website engagement
  • >10x return on Adspend for paid digital marketing

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ghd: Scaling digital marketing and sales performance holistically

Case Study B2C Digital Execution Digital Marketing Digital Strategy E-commerce

As an innovative and premium brand for hairstyling products, ghd seeks to provide their customers with an at-home hair salon experience with high-quality hairstyling tools, in particular blow dryers and styling irons. Read the full case study to discover how OMMAX supports ghd in scaling their digital marketing and sales performance.

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  • ~50% E-Commerce Revenue Growth
  • >25% E-Commerce ROI
  • >175% Organic Sistrix visibility

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Simon Ourian

The MDO Case

Case Study FMCG E-Commerce FMCG Digital Execution E-commerce

To increase their digital value in the U.S., European and Middle Eastern Markets, MDO, teamed up with OMMAX to develop and execute an omni-channel strategy. OMMAX has supported MDO with a go-to-market strategy, an e-commerce relaunch, lead generation and CRM, with the overriding goal of establishing the company internationally.

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  • +343% monthly B2C revenue growth YoY
  • +569% e-commerce conversion rate uplift in the core market within 12 months
  • +45% paid advertising click-through-rate increase within 12 months

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Water in hands

The CWS Case

Case Study E-Commerce Growth Strategy Digital Experience Platform Digital Marketing E-commerce Advanced Data Analytics Customer Portals Digital Execution

Future winners think about marketing/sales optimization and growth in new ways, actively pursuing multiple digital transformation dimensions. Here is how, by integrating its business and technology strategy with the right partner, CWS built future growth for more than 10,000 employees and a 2019 revenue above €1,180 million!

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  • >4.5 billion € total revenue
  • >10,000 employees
  • >1.180 million € revenue in 2019

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The Waterlogic / Culligan Case

Case Study E-Commerce Lead Generation Sales Funnel Optimization Digital Go-to-Market Digital Execution E-commerce Business Services

Since its founding in 1992 in the UK, Waterlogic has been a leading innovator, manufacturer and global distributor of point-of-use (POU) water purification systems to business enterprises including offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools and restaurants in over 50 countries around the world.

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  • 27% sales uplift in digital lead generation (US, AU, and DE)

  • Up to 45,000 digital leads acquired per year

  • 25-30% reduction in license and maintenance fees

  • >$130m total new-customer contract value generated through OMMAX digital initiatives 2016-2023

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