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MEDIAN & OMMAX Are Working Together on Digital Excellence

Working together with MEDIAN, OMMAX developed a scalable and sophisticated digital strategy to support the successful growth of the rehabilitation clinic chain.

The Deutsche Institut für Service-Qualität (German Institute for Service Quality) recently published a study where its experts examined the service quality of rehabilitation clinics in Germany. One of the elaborate study’s big winners was MEDIAN. The company received two first places, one for its website and one for its patient email service. In the category “website”, MEDIAN was the only provider that could achieve the grade “A / very good”.

The partnership between OMMAX and MEDIAN, Germany’s largest private operator of rehabilitation clinics has been established since 2017. Working together with MEDIAN, OMMAX developed a scalable and sophisticated digital strategy to support the successful growth of the rehabilitation clinic chain. This included the conception and realization of the website presence for all 120 MEDIAN facilities. Furthermore, OMMAX continuously optimized the digital visibility and approaches to accompany patients throughout their complex patient journey with MEDIAN’s market leading knowledge and high-quality medical expertise.

The great success in the quality study is an outcome of the cooperation between OMMAX and the MEDIAN team. MEDIAN COO Dr. Florian Frensch: “We are proud that MEDIAN was rewarded with a prize for its digital presence. We are looking forward to further realizing our digital potential together with OMMAX.”

Magdalena Nitz, Head of Marketing, Communication & CRM added: “The study shows the continuously increasing importance of digital service quality. We are determined to offer our patients a comprehensively positive experience and are happy about OMMAX’s digital support.”

OMMAX Partner Dr. Anja Konhäuser: “Congratulations to the MEDIAN team for the well-deserved ranking in the study conducted by the Deutsche Institut für Service-Qualität! It’s a great pleasure to work together with such a skilled team – the appreciation emphasizes the success of the strategy we developed together with MEDIAN and is a great motivation to further optimize the digital experience for MEDIAN and its patients in a highly competitive market.”

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The MEDIAN clinics are among the best rehabilitation clinics in Germany with outstanding competence in rehabilitation and participation. In 2019, for the third time, around a third of the rehabilitation clinics were able to position themselves at the top of the rankings: 28 top places in the DRV Bund examinations, four neurological acute clinics in the TOP 20 of the F.A.Z. ranking, 35 winning places among the best rehabilitation clinics in 2020 in the FOCUS ranking as well as numerous regional prizes. Around 120 clinics and facilities, 18,500 beds and treatment places as well as approx. 15,000 employees in 13 federal states make MEDIAN the largest private operator of rehabilitation facilities in Germany.

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