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OMMAX Advised Ambienta on the Acquisition of Lässig

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OMMAX advised Ambienta SGR SpA (“Ambienta”), one of Europe’s largest asset managers entirely focused on environmental sustainability, on the acquisition of Lässig GmbH (“Lässig”), a leading producer of functional, sustainable, and innovative products for babies, children, and the whole family.

The market for sustainable baby and kids’ bags, apparel, and accessories for children up to 10 years of age is highly attractive. It is estimated to grow ~10% CAGR (2021-26) in Germany, France, and the Benelux. Positive fundamental market drivers include growing spending per child and increasing demand for quality, besides a shift towards sustainable products.

In preparation for the acquisition, OMMAX supported Ambienta with a commercial due diligence and examined Lässig’s business model, market dynamics, competitive landscape, and customer and digital performance. Furthermore, OMMAX assessed the management’s business plan to derive actionable commercial and digital value-creation opportunities. Lässig is a pioneer in implementing a holistic sustainability strategy showing a strong growth track with successful inroads into other European markets like France and the Benelux on the back of their established presence in the DACH region.

With its strong and engrained commitment to sustainability and its successful growth and international expansion strategy, Lässig is an ideal fit for Ambienta. The company is a pioneer, not only with innovation that meets the needs of families but also with its focus on resource efficiency, the use of recycled materials, and the longevity of products. We want to pursue and build on this approach with the company’s founders, using Ambienta’s unique know-how to shape and further accelerate Lässig’s growth strategy.

Hans Haderer, Partner at Ambienta with responsibility for the DACH region

About Ambienta Sgr S.p.A.

Ambienta is a European environmental sustainability investor across private and public markets. Operating out of Milan, London, Paris, and Munich, Ambienta manages over €3.0 billion in assets with a focus on investing in private and public companies driven by environmental megatrends, and whose products or services improve resource efficiency or pollution control. In private equity, Ambienta has completed 58 investments to date. In public equity markets, Ambienta has pioneered one of the world’s largest absolute return fund entirely focused on environmental sustainability and manages a full suite of sustainable products ranging from low-risk multi-asset fund to equity long only.

For more information about Ambienta, please visit: ambientasgr.com

Toni Stork, Founder, and Partner at OMMAX, comments:

“We would like to congratulate Ambienta on the acquisition of Lässig. Lässig is a leading multi-channel brand with a strong brand known for contemporary design, high functionality, and superior quality, with a large and loyal customer base. Positioned in the attractive and growing sustainable market segment, the company has significant internationalization potential throughout the EU.“

About Lässig GmbH

Based in Babenhausen, Hesse (Germany), Lässig is a leading producer of functional, sustainable and innovative products for babies, children and the whole family, with sales in the DACH region as well as other European markets. Lässig, with more than 110 employees, was founded by Claudia and Stefan Lässig in 2006 and has since made a name for itself as a top provider of products such as bags, accessories and apparel. From innovative diaper bags, which are still among its most successful products, Lässig’s product range has been gradually expanded to include bags/backpacks, toys, crockery for kids, apparel and more. Lässig products can be purchased in about 2,800 traditional retail stores, 50 online stores and via its proprietary online shop.

For more information about Lässig, please visit: laessig-fashion.com


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