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OMMAX Advised Bright Capital and HF Private Debt With a CDD

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OMMAX performed a commercial due diligence for Bright Capital and HF Private Debt, two of Germany’s leading mid-market investment firms. Focus of the project was the Amazon strategy of three food supplement brands by Natsana GmbH.

Munich, 28 July 2020 

Focus of the project was the Amazon strategy of three food supplement brands by Natsana GmbH. Natsana GmbH is the market leading developer and seller of high-quality nutritional supplements on Amazon – with an additional footprint in retail stores and via an own direct online-shop. The debt package provided by Bright Capital and HF Debt GmbH enabled the sponsor DOMUM Unternehmer & Kapital GmbH to unite the market leaders in the supplements niche market with strong long-term growth trends.

The products of the analyzed brands Natural Elements, Nature Love and Feel Natural are sold over various digital channels, amongst which Amazon is the most important one. For the assessment of the brands’ Amazon strategy Bright Capital and HF Private Debt relied on OMMAX’s experience in the food supplement market and their in-depth knowledge of Amazon.

OMMAX challenged the brands’ current state as well as their growth potentials. Some aspects that have been evaluated are the sustainability of the specific Amazon strategy as well as the respective digital visibility of the brands. In addition, a risk assessment of arising competition on Amazon was conducted.

For the evaluation OMMAX gathered several data sets and conducted market research studies about the nutrition and supplements industry, the competitors, and legal regulations.

We chose OMMAX because of their successful work in other deals in the food supplement market, as well as their extensive experience with Amazon. Our high expectations were exceeded: OMMAX' data-based approach was a great support in better assessing and understanding the potential risks of Amazon.

Bright Capital and HF Private Debt about the transaction

About Bright Capital

Bright Capital is a leading German credit investor focusing on the lower mid-market. Bright Capital invests in companies with an outstanding market position, proven strategies, resilient cash flows and seasoned management teams. The Bright Capital strategy enables investments up and down a company’s capital structure in situations where bespoke financing solutions generate substantial value-add.

For more information, please visit: brightcapital.de

Our high expectations were exceeded: OMMAX' data-based approach was a great support in better assessing and understanding potential risks of Amazon

About HF Private Debt

HF Debt GmbH is the exclusive advisor to Luxemburg-based HF Private Debt Fonds, SCSp, which specializes in private debt financing for SMEs (EBITDA between EUR 2 million and EUR 10 million) and supports growth financing, succession solutions, and buy-outs by private equity investors. Geographically, it focuses on companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a long-standing history.

For more information, please visit: hf-debt.com

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By Dr. Stefan Sambol

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