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OMMAX Advised CentralNic Group on the Acquisition of SafeBrands

#Digital Due Diligence

OMMAX supported CentralNic Group PLC, a global London Stock Exchange-listed company in the domain name industry, on the successful acquisition of SafeBrands, a France-based leading online brand protection software and corporate internet services provider.

In preparation for the acquisition, OMMAX supported CentralNic Group with a commercial due diligence in order to assess the relevant market and trends, competitive landscape, and customer segments. Through the acquisition of SafeBrands, CentralNic will strengthen its position as the European champion in portfolio management of corporate and brand protection areas online.

Congratulations to CentralNic and SafeBrands. It was a pleasure working together and we wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

Toni Stork, CEO and Partner

About CentralNic Group

CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) is a global London Stock Exchange-listed company that drives the growth of the global digital economy by developing and operating software platforms for businesses to purchase subscriptions to domain names and related services, including the protection of their trademarks online. In addition to providing basic infrastructure services for the internet, CentralNic is a leader in protecting internet users through its sophisticated software, dedicated anti-abuse teams, and partnerships with entities such as Global Cyber Alliance.

CentralNic's Brand Services companies provide a range of domain portfolio management and brand protection services to companies around the world, from small businesses to some of the largest companies in the world.

For more information, please visit: centralnicgroup.com


Adrian Chung, Head of Corporate Finance of CentralNic, compliments OMMAX’ work:

“OMMAX provided us with structured analyses and valuable insights for our investment decision. We very much enjoyed working with the team”.

About SafeBrands

SafeBrands is a leading French corporate registrar, with a stable and growing base of clients, including some of the leading French brands. It offers registration management for all Top-Level Domains and a wide range of Value Added Services for domain management and brand protection, including secure hosting, DNS optimisation and SSL management.

For more information, please visit: safebrands.com/


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By Toni Stork

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