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OMMAX Advised ECM on the Investment in Intermate

#Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX advised ECM on the investment in Intermate Group, the fast-growing social media agency Intermate and the production company Truemates, pursuing a social-first strategy, specialize in creating and implementing social media and influencer campaigns across all social platforms as well as producing the respective content. The group is a leader in Germany, particularly in campaigns and the development of brand channels for companies on the fast-growing social media platform TikTok.

OMMAX forecasts that the German market for influencer marketing alone will grow from 1.1 billion euros in 2020 to 2.3 billion euros in 2024. On average, OMMAX expects the market to grow by around 20 per cent annually. The reason for the expected leap in market growth is particularly due to the increase in social media consumption. In 2021, around 90 per cent of all smartphone users were active in social media, each of whom has almost nine social media accounts on average. The wide distribution of social media makes it increasingly attractive for companies to promote their brands on the various platforms with the help of influencer campaigns. They enable them to reach the younger generations Y and Z in particular.

In preparation for the investment, OMMAX supported ECM with a commercial- and technical due diligence. OMMAX examined the company’s business model, evaluating several dimensions such as market development and competitive dynamics, sustainability of COVID-19 impact on social media budgets, assessment of the company’s proprietary tool stack, customer analysis in terms of stickiness and share of wallet, and business plan achievability. The operational excellence of Intermate Group enabled by proprietary software for campaign creation, management, analysis and reporting positions is a scalable platform for future growth.

We’d like to congratulate ECM on this successful investment and we are very happy to have contributed with both commercial and technical insights as basis for the investment decision. Intermate is the digital leader in the agency landscape for tech and data driven social media & Influencer marketing, achieving better KPI results for their clients compared to benchmarks. We are impressed by the strong founder team and wish ECM all the best for this partnership with Intermate.

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Partner at OMMAX

About ECM

ECM is a trusted growth partner for mid-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in German-speaking Europe. Since 1995, ECM has raised the private equity funds GEP I-V with aggregate equity commitments of more than €1 billion and currently invests out of the fifth fund GEP V (€325 million). The funds invest primarily in leading mid-market companies with attractive growth potential in the context of ownership successions, partnership transactions and corporate spin-offs.

Further information at: www.ecm-pe.de

Florian Kähler, partner at ECM states:

“The insights from the due diligence provided by OMMAX helped us envision the real growth potential of Intermate Group that goes beyond what was outlined in the business plan. We are highly satisfied with the support from OMMAX on the transaction and their work was an important factor in making our investment decision.”

About Intermate Group

With over 110 employees and offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Vienna, the Intermate Group is one of the largest social agencies in DACH. With its own production company Truemates, its own content studios, a holistic and proprietary influencer technology and the influencer and social agency Intermate, the group was able to establish a leading position in the social market with its strong focus on creators. With a direct connection to the platforms and using its own technological infrastructure, the Intermate Group offers the entire value chain on social media from a single source: influencer campaigns, creator-centric social media management, content production and performance ads. With its own media inventory and its own formats, such as the TikTok show Daily Pie with over 870,000 followers or the VERTIES, the "Oscars" of the TikTok creators, the Intermate Group can verifiably incorporate first-hand social expertise into the strategies and concepts of its customers. These now include companies and institutions such as o2 Telefónica, Beiersdorf, Volkswagen, the Federal Ministry of Health, ALDI Nord, HUAWEI and many more.

Further information at: www.intermate-group.de

By Dr. Stefan Sambol

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