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OMMAX Advised L Catterton on the Successful Acquisition of IAFSTORE®

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The digital strategy consultancy OMMAX supported L Catterton, the largest and most global consumer-focused private equity firm, on the acquisition of IAFSTORE®, the leading online supplements store in Italy and one of the major European players in this segment.

Munich, 17.07.2020

Founded in 2007 as an e-commerce distributor of third party products, IAFSTORE® has become the industry-leading online platform specialized in sport nutrition, food supplements, over-the-counter (“OTC”) and healthy products. In 2012, IAFSTORE® launched its first owned brand, Yamamoto®, which quickly became a food supplement leader, providing nutritional products dedicated to millions of fitness enthusiasts and athletes all over the world. Today IAFSTORE® has seven branded products under the brand names Yamamoto® Nutrition, Yamamoto® Research, IAFSTORE®, OneProtein, Alphazer®, Yamamoto® Active Wear, and Smile Crunch, offering a broad selection of high quality supplements.

In the preparation of the acquisition, OMMAX supported L Catterton with a digital due diligence, examining the digital market dynamics, e-commerce performance and value proposition of the two e-commerce shops. As part of the due diligence, OMMAX analyzed the digital market size and identified a fast-growing online interest for products in the Italian sports nutrition and supplements market. As most of the market players are brick and mortar retailers, the shift in consumption habits to digital provides an attractive opportunity for best-in-class e-commerce companies such as IAFSTORE® to establish a strong online business and engage with customers through digital channels.

OMMAX also assessed the digital competitive positioning of IAFSTORE® as well as the customer behavior based on Google Analytics and customer transaction data, including the calculation of customer economics (Customer Lifetime Revenues, Customer Acquisition Costs, Customer Lifetime Values). OMMAX further performed an in-depth assessment of the IT landscape and infrastructure, benchmarked the performance and identified significant value creation potential.

OMMAX helped us to understand the digital maturity and the growth potentials of IAFSTORE®. We highly appreciated the digital transaction support and we are happy to welcome IAFSTORE® in our portfolio.

Fabio Cadeddu, Investment Director at L Catterton

About L Catterton

With approximately $20 billion of equity capital across seven fund strategies in 17 offices globally, L Catterton is the largest consumer-focused private equity firm in the world. L Catterton's team of nearly 200 investment and operating professionals with management teams around the world to implement strategic plans to foster growth, leveraging deep category insight, operational excellence, and a broad thought partnership network. Since 1989, the firm has made over 200 investments in leading consumer brands. L Catterton was formed through the partnership of Catterton, LVMH, and Groupe Arnault.

For more information about L Catterton, please visit: lcatterton.com

"It is a fantastic opportunity for L Catterton to benefit from the fast-growing e-commerce sector for food nutrition and supplements. IAFSTORE® is the market leader and achieved to build long-lasting customer relationships through digital channels. We are happy to have had the chance to support the L Catterton deal team on the transaction and congratulations to the team.”

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Partner at OMMAX


Headquartered in Brescia, Italy, IAFSTORE® is the leading Italian online supplements store and one of the major European players in this space. With four key sectors (drugstore, herbalist's shop, organic foods, and sports nutrition), IAFSTORE® is the leading online platform specializing in high quality sport nutrition, food supplements, over-the-counter and healthy products, which relies on a database of approximately 700,000 profiled customers across its two websites (iafstore.com and yamamotonutrition.com).

By Dr. Stefan Sambol

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