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OMMAX Advised MediaShop on the Acquisition of Geschenke 24

#Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX advised MediaShop International Group on the acquisition of Geschenke 24, a leading online provider of personalized gifts active in the DACH region. Over the last years, Geschenke 24 grew consistently and profitably as it caters with its personally engraved or printed gifts to the strong e-commerce trend of inspirational and personalized shopping – as illustrated by the success of companies like Etsy.

OMMAX advised MediaShop with a commercial- and digital due diligence analyzing digital market dynamics, the target company’s customer metrics and its digital capabilities (e.g. organic performance, paid marketing efficiency or customer experience on the digital customer journey) – always benchmarked against key competitors.

Geschenke 24 constantly strives to identify the best personalized gifts ideas for its customers for many different occasions. As a fast-growing online provider with high brand awareness and market leader in personalized gift solutions we saw the perfect opportunity to invest as it perfectly accommodates our strategy to expand our e-commerce and brand-building business even further. We are excited to support Geschenke 24 during the next growth phase. We have definitely appreciated working with OMMAX and are highly satisfied with its services that provided us with a nuanced assessment of the digital performance of the target company.

Philipp Nachbaur, CEO at MediaShop International Group

About MediaShop International Group

MediaShop is an internationally successful multi-channel player headquartered in Lindau, Germany. It operates in 11 core markets and beyond and is one of the most prominent DRTV providers and omnichannel marketeers in the German speaking and Eastern European markets. Given its TV presence, MediaShop reaches 150m potential customers. Sales in the 2020/21 FY amounted to 242 m€.

For more information, please visit: mediashop-group.com and mediashop.tv

Toni Stork, Founder and Partner at OMMAX, comments:

“It was a pleasure to work with MediaShop and the management of Geschenke 24 throughout the commercial and digital due diligence work.”

About Geschenke 24

Geschenke 24 is a Germany-based e-commerce company specialized in personalized gifts offered through its own web shop and leading marketplaces. It successfully aims to present the customer with original, personalized, and special gift ideas for every occasion. Its recent growth has propelled it to a planned revenue of 17m€ in 2022 at a high single-digit EBITDA margin.

For more information, please visit: geschenke24.de


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