OMMAX and Amazon: A partnership in the digital field

OMMAX supports Amazon in the development and implementation of one of their divisions’ digital marketing strategy.

  • Amazon relies on the expertise of the Munich-based digital consultancy OMMAX
  • OMMAX supports Amazon in the development and implementation of one of their divisions’ digital marketing strategy
  • Market entry is supported by OMMAX across various measures

Amazon and OMMAX have begun a cooperation: The US online mail order company relies on the expertise of the Munich-based consultancy for the development of their digital strategy for one of their divisions in Germany.

OMMAX has been mainly responsible for the following areas of the cooperation:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital lead generation
  • Target group and customer journey analysis
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Designing the creatives and visuals for the upcoming campaigns

In addition, Amazon has been relying on OMMAX’s experts for the development of a social media and paid advertising strategy. OMMAX is also responsible for the tracking and reporting of relevant key figures to Amazon. Offline marketing campaigns via channels such as out-of-home, radio, and print are also in focus.

Dr. Anja Konhäuser, Partner at OMMAX, comments on the cooperation with Amazon: "We will support Amazon as a sparring partner during the development of their new strategy as well as in its implementation. Agile business services and a customer-oriented approach will ensure the rapid implementation of the project".

"OMMAX has great experience in developing successful digital strategies. We are building on this expertise and look forward to working with them," comments Raul Martinez, Amazon Flex Division Manager at Amazon Germany on the partnership.

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