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OMMAX Confirms Addition of Mark Taylor to Its Advisor and Expert Network


OMMAX, Europe's leading digital consultancy supporting investment firms and larger mid-market companies to build and implement digital transformations, is excited to announce the addition of the third UK member of OMMAX’s Advisor and Expert Network, Mark Taylor, Group Chief Commercial Officer of Waterlogic International, the worldwide manufacturer and distributor of water solutions for B2B businesses.

OMMAX first began working with Waterlogic in 2015 to build a worldwide centralised digital marketing infrastructure, supporting Waterlogic’s global digital transformation roll out to 16 markets between 2015 and 2019, with digital initiatives resulting in 10x ROI for Waterlogic and €75 million customer lifetime value. Read the full Waterlogic case study here: The Waterlogic Case.


About Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor has extensive international experience of developing, implementing and embedding commercial strategies across multiple countries in stable and change scenarios. Including: mergers, acquisitions, business development, contractual negotiation and new business models.

With exemplary experience across the 21st Century Sales and Marketing omni-channel model, covering Customer Acquisition, Farming and Retention, Mark has an excellent track record of delivery through developing, building and motivating teams.

Mark is a highly accomplished non-executive director, with experience of both publicly traded and private equity backed business Boards, ensuring all interests of shareholders are represented and the required standards of compliance are met by the board.

Co-founder and partner, Stefan Sambol, commented: "We are delighted to see OMMAX continue our international momentum, announcing Mark’s addition to our Advisor and Expert Network so soon after completing the launch of our London office. Mark’s expertise in digital and commercial transforming B2B businesses represents a high-calibre addition to our network and we look forward to benefiting from the insights of this latest addition to our experienced and innovative network’s already formidable bank of talent.”

Read more about Mark Taylor in OMMAX’s Advisor and Expert Network here: Mark Taylor

Mark’s expertise in digital and commercial transforming B2B businesses represents a high-caliber addition to our network and we look forward to benefiting from the insights of this latest addition to our experienced and innovative network.

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Partner & Co-founder

By Dr. Stefan Sambol

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