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OMMAX enables Digital Turnaround together with luxury lodge

OMMAX has been advising the Norwegian luxury accommodation "Lyngen Lodge" as of March 2019 and since then has developed and implemented a digital Go-to-Market Strategy for the lodge.

OMMAX has been advising the Norwegian luxury accommodation "Lyngen Lodge" as of March 2019 and since then has developed and implemented a digital go-to-market strategy for the lodge. The digital consulting firm, based in Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin, built the entire strategy from scratch, as Lyngen Lodge previously found its clients mainly by word-of-mouth and with no in-depth digital strategy.

OMMAX led the luxury lodge through a full brand redesign and realigned its digital go-to-market approach with a strong focus on a luxury high-end target audience and the relevant digital channels. A key requirement was also to establish the digital infrastructure, including a new website, which was launched by OMMAX and went online in July 2019. Specific details of the executions are found below:

  • Establishing best in class user experience and user journeys on the Website
  • Integration of social media accounts and profiles in the new high-quality website, strengthening overall brand presence
  • Full brand redesign, starting with on-site design research and design strategy, including a new company CI and logo
  • New SEO-optimized content for >45 URLs for each of the 3 languages, augmented with on-site interviews and customer analysis
  • Focus on the generation of organic leads, with integrated contact forms and an online payment system

Great success is already visible for these executions, such as achieving top Google rankings for sales-relevant keywords and 13 organic bookings within the first week of the launch – a high number for a luxury accommodation with only 8 rooms.

"It is a pleasure to see how smoothly the implementation of our strategy worked out and especially how quickly the measures put into practice so far have shown up in the lodge’s digital performance", says Clarissa Amaral, Director Digital Projects at OMMAX.


About Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge is a luxury boutique lodge located in northern Norway, more precisely in the Arctic Lyngen Alps. The lodge provides a one-stop destination for Arctic experiences, offering full board en-suite facilities, excellent cuisine and a variety of activities led by their in-house mountain & activity guides, including tour skiing, Nordic lights watching, dog sledge runs, and much more. When Graham Austick founded the Lyngen Lodge, he had the vision to create a lodge which blends into the natural environment of the Arctic Alps. Lyngen lodge has since then become a place to escape, relax and connect with nature. Stays at the lodge are best described as a mix of adventure, ultimate relaxation and de-stressing in a serene environment.


About OMMAX – Digital Solutions

OMMAX – Digital Solutions is a digital strategy consultancy based in Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin, specializing in sustainable digital value creation whilst catering to an array of mid-sized companies, large enterprises and more than 50 PEs around the world. Composed of >150 employees and with >700 projects in the fields of digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science and transaction advisory services, OMMAX is a forerunner concerning holistic data-driven strategy consulting and end-to-end execution of digital solutions.


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