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OMMAX Outperforms on All Requirements as Google Premier Partner

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The Google Partners program offers strategic benefits for partnered companies to help their clients get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns. This program has three tiers, with the most exclusive one being Premier Partners, which is only reserved for the top 3% of participating companies each year. As part of the program, which OMMAX has been a member of for some years now, Google is constantly reviewing the quality of accounts and campaign management, efficient media spending, number of certified specialists and adoption of new products.

The Google Partners program offers tools, insights, reports and more for advertising agencies, digital consultants, marketing professionals, and third parties who manage Ads accounts for brands or businesses.

In order to qualify for the highly sought-after Premier Partner qualification, companies must meet strict requirements, including the quality of accounts and campaign management, efficient media spending, number of certified specialists and adoption of new products.

The Premier program has recently become even more exclusive, with the number of participating companies reduced from 300 to 80. We are happy to announce that OMMAX is still outperforming on all requirements and continues to be a Google Premier Partner! In addition to the existing opportunities for executive training, product updates, promotional offers, and support, this allows for benefits such as more guidance and 1x1 support on relevant accounts.

We congratulate our Digital Acquisition team for continuously optimizing our clients' Google Ads accounts, maintaining best in class campaigns, being early adopters of newly launched Google products and thereby positioning us as frontrunners in the Google environment.

We are happy to see OMMAX counted among the select members of the Premier Partners program for yet another year, and look forward to continuing to leverage benefits from the Partners program to continue to bring value to our clients.

Toni Stork, CEO at OMMAX

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OMMAX is a fast-growing digital strategy consultancy in Europe, specializing in digital M&A transactions, strategy and end-to-end execution of digital initiatives with the objective to accelerate growth and profitability. Over the last 10 years, OMMAX supported building digital leaders in 8 industries with 250+ M&A deals realised, with >€15B deal value and 1500+ international value creation projects for leading private equity firms’ areas of digital strategy, operational excellence, advanced data analytics, tech and automation. As a front-runner for holistic data-driven strategy consulting and end-to-end execution of digital solutions, OMMAX is the leading consultancy within European Private Equity, specialising as both the architect and the executor of digital solutions.

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