OMMAX Proudly Announces HubSpot Platinum Partnership

As a leading digital strategy consultancy, OMMAX continuously strives to run and implement digital excellence programs for our clients. We are, therefore, proud to announce that we have been named a HubSpot Platinum Partner. We are honoured to be part of this elite group and excited to share the benefits of this partnership with our clients.

What does it mean to become a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

HubSpot is a leading CRM platform with over 120,000 sold instances, offering software and support to facilitate digital lead generation activities and a personalized customer journey experience. The HubSpot Partnership Program introduces five tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Elite) to recognize partners' achievements who provide inbound marketing and sales services using the platform.

Becoming a Platinum partner reflects the extraordinary job OMMAX has done at delivering impactful growth strategies to clients. The accreditation is based on a combination of metrics, including both sold and managed monthly recurring revenue, retention rate, software engagement and inbound marketing and sales success.


How do HubSpot and the Platinum Partnership allow us to serve our clients better?

OMMAX simplifies marketing and sales efforts, increases impact for B2B and B2C clients, and creates exceptional customer experiences. HubSpot supports these processes by providing the means to digitalize the client's lead generation activities and the go-to-market. In addition, the platform allows for short-term actions, transparent customer data overview, simplified implementation and reliable goal-tracking and reporting. Working with HubSpot OMMAX is, thus, able to design fluent and highly personalized customer experiences and enable massive marketing technology upscaling for businesses.

OMMAX has previously delivered strong implementation cases, reflected by the significant improvement of client digital KPIs (e.g., open rates, retention rates, conversion rates, click-to-open rates and average order value). Especially in the last year, in which digitalization has played an increasingly important role due to the cancellation of B2B trade shows and events, OMMAX has achieved tremendous success using HubSpot by offering their customers enhanced digital interaction models and improve digital key performance indicators (e.g., leads, lead to conversion ratios, customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime value).

As a Platinum Partner, OMMAX can now take advantage of the "Private Enablement Platform" and "Partner Previews". These benefits allow OMMAX access to platforms and events that grant us exclusive access to HubSpot's most competitive and recent products, resources, and features. This further enables OMMAX to equip clients with the best possible tools and technology to support them in achieving their goals.

We are looking forward to continuing to provide our clients with exceptional inbound marketing and sales services and working towards becoming a Diamond Partner soon.


OMMAX – Digital Solutions is a digital strategy consultancy based in Europe, specializing in sustainable digital value creation while catering to an array of mid-sized companies, large enterprises and more than 50 private equity firms around the world. Composed of >150 international experts and with >700 realized digital projects in the fields of digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science, and transaction advisory services, OMMAX is a forerunner concerning holistic data-driven strategy consulting and end-to-end execution of digital solutions.

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