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OMMAX strengthens its BI & Content Services

OMMAX - Digital Solutions recently filled two strategic key positions: Fabian Geißler as Head of Content & PR and Christian Brugger as Vice President Data Science & Digital Strategies.

OMMAX – Digital Solutions recently filled two strategic key positions. Fabian Geißler, former Teamlead Content & PR, was appointed as Head of Content & PR. Christian Brugger, formerly Executive Director Corporate Development at C3 Creative Code and Content, took over the responsibility for the business intelligence team as Vice President Data Science & Digital Strategies.

Fabian Geißler on his new responsibilities: "Hope is not a content strategy - at OMMAX we focus on creative, factual content based on client specific keyword sets. By doing so we combine creativity with data and create cross-channel content strategies and stories that are visible in several markets and attractive to the respective targeted customer group.”

Following OMMAX’s deeply data-driven approach that is ensuring high ROI paired with transparency through sophisticated tracking & reporting, Fabian Geißler will continue to develop scalable & sustainable content strategies for OMMAX’s customers.

Christian Brugger is going to focus on innovative data projects and scalable product solutions. Christian Brugger on his start at OMMAX: "It is a great experience to work at such an ambitious and data-driven company like OMMAX. Together with my team, I am looking forward to further expand our business intelligence and data offering for our customers by developing sophisticated strategies and services ranging from tracking to data analytics & reporting as well as big data & AI solutions.”

Both positions are an expression of OMMAX’s firm belief to continue its chosen path to sustainably invest in reinventing traditional digital sectors in order to offer best-in-class services for its customers and keep being a digital frontrunner.


OMMAX – Digital Solutions is a digital strategy consultancy based in Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin, specializing in sustainable digital value creation whilst catering to an array of mid-sized companies, large enterprises and more than 50 PEs around the world. Composed of >150 employees and with >700 projects in the fields of digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science and transaction advisory services, OMMAX is a forerunner concerning holistic data-driven strategy consulting and end-to-end execution of digital solutions.

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