OMMAX to speak at exclusive leadership conference

OMMAX Partner Dr. Stefan Sambol will deliver a speech at the "Global Week" in Munich, Germany.

OMMAX Partner Dr. Stefan Sambol will deliver a speech at the "Global Week" in Munich, Germany. The event, organised by the Courage Center of Global Familiy Firms and the Munich Business School, will be an exclusive gathering of next-generation leaders and world-class speakers. Speakers this year, for example, include Gregor Grandl, Senior Partner at Porsche Consulting, Dr. Stefan Niemand, Head of Electrification at Audi, or Daniel Krauss, co-founder of the German unicorn Flixbus.

Stefan Sambol will discuss the key factors of digital strategy and -marketing. This will happen in the framework of an exclusive company visit to the OMMAX headquarters in Munich on September 19th – after which the conference participants visit the BMW Munich offices to meet leaders from the automotive company.

Ultimately, the Global Week, which will take place between the 16th and 20th of September 2019, will host 20 speakers from as far as Latin America, the USA and Asia, as well as a selected group of alumni and Next Gen Leaders for a week of “education adventuring.” Furthermore, five Munich Business School professors will contribute their thought-provoking views and conceptual models to add even more depth to the conference’s knowledge base.

Stefan Sambol, when on his participation at the Global Week: "I'm happy and honoured to speak at such an exclusive event together with other most innovative leaders in the digital business world. OMMAX's participation at the Global Week shows once more our standing among the digital frontrunners worldwide."


About the Courage Center

The Courage Center of Global Family Firms at Munich Business School (MBS) is a joint initiative of Munich Business School and Courage and conducts cutting-edge research in the field of Global Entrepreneurship. The center collaborates very closely with hand–selected international partner institutions and involves the MBS professors and lecturers in its research and foundation projects.



About OMMAX – Digital Solutions

OMMAX – Digital Solutions is a digital strategy consultancy based in Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin, specializing in sustainable digital value creation whilst catering to an array of mid-sized companies, large enterprises, and more than 50 PEs around the world. Composed of >150 employees and with >700 projects in the fields of digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science, and transaction advisory services, OMMAX is a forerunner concerning holistic data-driven strategy consulting and end-to-end execution of digital solutions.


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