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Philipp Ortlieb Is the New Chief People Officer at OMMAX


An exciting look into Philipp Ortleib's new position as Chief People Officer at OMMAX!


  • As the new Chief People Officer, Philipp Ortlieb is now driving OMMAX's digital growth forward
  • He takes care of 120 top digital consultants in business, technology, and data science
  • OMMAX thus ensures excellent expertise for navigating digital change


Philipp Ortlieb is the new Chief People Officer (CPO) at OMMAX, a digital consultancy. With immediate effect, he will be responsible for the human resources department of the internationally-oriented company with more than 120 employees in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. There, Mr. Ortlieb will actively promote personnel growth: Due to the consultancy’s expansion, OMMAX has an increasingly strong need for top talents. In order to be able to optimally advise the increasing number of clients, OMMAX is striving for significant growth in upcoming years.

Digitization projects becoming increasingly large in size as well as more holistic. This makes interdisciplinary cooperation between experts from different focus areas indispensable: We meet the dynamics of the digital environment with the best talents from business, technology and data science. This enables us to foster our clients’ digital competitiveness and achieve clear return on investment and EBITDA targets

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Partner at OMMAX

"I look forward to working with the excellent team to achieve OMMAX's ambitious goals and continue working towards success,"

Philipp Ortlieb, CPO at OMMAX

Philipp Ortlieb has previously worked as Group Lead Operations Enterprise Digitalization at Vodafone, holds a Master of Science from Bocconi University, and has also completed the CEMS program (Global Alliance in Management Education). With the help of his broad international network, he will inspire talents and experts worldwide for OMMAX and further internationalize the company, which is already renowned throughout Germany. OMMAX also attracts local experts by setting up additional offices throughout Germany. As such, the company guarantees globally-oriented, comprehensive customer support and generates the best possible innovative solutions for clients’ digital transformation.

OMMAX is consistently expanding its data-driven technology approach for digital success strategies. As a result, future topics, such as marketing automation, data mining, data engineering, and technology architecture, are becoming an increasing focus of business models in order to optimally prepare customers for future challenges.

By Dr. Stefan Sambol

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