Social Responsibility Matters - OMMAX Supports deinNachbar e.V. Pro Bono

OMMAX is supporting deinNachbar in gaining new volunteers via digital channels to support the organization. Social media and SEA have been in focus to attract helpers.

OMMAX supports the German nonprofit organization, deinNachbar, on a pro bono basis. Dein Nachbar is a non-profit organization that is building up a "real" social network taking care of elderly people and supporting nursing relatives. Its interdisciplinary approach has won several awards and combines logistics network management with the experience of nurses and the activation and training of volunteers. Through the digitalization of the once-cumbersome search for helpers and disposition of orders, the NGO is now able to manage thousands of orders in a very efficient way, providing a reliable solution to customers despite the volatile availability of volunteers. In this way the NGO helps to fulfil the greatest wish of elderly people: That they can stay in their familiar neighborhood and familiar surroundings as long as possible.

OMMAX is supporting deinNachbar in gaining new volunteers via digital channels to support the organization. Social media and SEA have been in focus to attract helpers. Thanks to sophisticated retargeting, state-of-the-art social media posts & brand awareness measures, a reach of over 250k has been generated via social media platforms. Paid search campaigns in Google brought an additional >18k new users to the deinnachbar website.

deinNachbar chairman, Thomas Oeben, commented the following regarding the cooperation with OMMAX: “If you want to make the world a better place, you need help from the best experts in different fields. Working together with OMMAX is a true joy. It is great to see how well the measures are working and how much the team supports us to get better and better in gaining more volunteers and increase out popularity.”

Dr. Anja Konhäuser who is leading the project on OMMAX’s side said: “Solidarity is one of the most important values to us. I am very excited that we can support deinNachbar in making a difference for elderly people in need by enabling them to also live at home in dignity. It’s a great pleasure to work together with such an inspiring organization.”


About Dein Nachbar e.V.

deinNachbar e.V. is a non-profit organisation, that builds up a social support network with trained volunteers for elderly people and nursing relatives. Based on its outstanding interdisciplinary solution-oriented approach, consisting of modern volunteer work, nursing, excellently functioning logistics and a high degree of digitalization, the NGO can efficiently ensure the care of many people in need of help in a very short response time. Volunteers receive an extended offer of trainings by professional nurses and are individually coached for their assignments. The office for nursing relatives advises to all nursing related topics, helps to find the right care taking setting and provides psychosocial support.

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