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Successful Collaboration Between MEDIFOX DAN and OMMAX

MEDIFOX DAN Hildesheim office

OMMAX developed a holistic digital strategy in conjunction with the MEDIFOX DAN team, setting up the entire digital marketing ecosystem and measured digital KPIs along the different marketing channels.

OMMAX and healthcare software provider MEDIFOX DAN (an Hg Capital portfolio company) are successfully working together. The cooperation started in Q2/2019 with a three-months pilot project. Under this pilot, OMMAX developed a holistic digital strategy in conjunction with the MEDIFOX DAN team, setting up the entire digital marketing ecosystem and measured digital KPIs along the different marketing channels. By successfully implementing the KPIs into a business plan, the future potential for MEDIFOX DAN was being estimated.

After the pilot, MEDIFOX DAN actively decided on continuing the collaboration with OMMAX. Amongst other things, this included the strategic planning and operational execution of a scalable lead & conversion optimized online platform. The platform (medifoxdan.de) went live on 18th of November 2019 and offers a state-of-the art user experience including a modern and appealing design that reflects the high-quality standards of the MEDIFOX DAN products.

OMMAX proved its reliability as a partner – we are convinced that, together, we will continue positioning MEDIFOX DAN as a leading provider of software solutions in the healthcare industry. MEDIFOX DAN successfully extended its sales channels by carrying out a digital lead generation strategy jointly with OMMAX

Said MEDIFOX DAN Managing Director Christian Städtler

Dr. Anja Konhäuser, Partner at OMMAX: „Our team is looking forward to further support MEDIFOX DAN in its great success story. Our experience in the digital B2B healthcare market as well as the highly skilled MEDIFOX DAN team will be key drivers for the creation of sustainable value for MediFox.”

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Since 1994, Hildesheim based MEDIFOX DAN Gmbh is a leading partner for software solutions in the healthcare landscape. Over the past 25 years, MEDIFOX DAN has been distinguishing itself through its consistent approach and commitment to top quality, the excellent know-how of its employees and a close collaboration with its customers. MEDIFOX DAN ambulant is one of the most purchased and most successful software for care providers and welfare stations in Germany. Over 7,600 customers and around 23,000 users already trust the software. In addition, more than 700 care facilities have already opted for MEDIFOX DAN stationär, whilst MEDIFOX DAN therapie is being used in more than 950 therapeutic medical offices.

By Dr. Anja Konhäuser

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