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The Brand and Digital Growth Strategy of the Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge and OMMAX are cooperating in a re-brand and digital growth strategy in order to re-position its services towards the luxurious high-end target group.

Munich, 18.03.2019

Lyngen Lodge and OMMAX are cooperating in a re-brand and digital growth strategy in order to re-position its services towards the luxurious high-end target group. The company is about to transform towards a more digital, modern and luxurious brand reflecting the top-notch accommodation and outdoor activities they offer. The goal is to attract more clients through digital channels (social media, search marketing etc.) in all four seasons (summer, winter, spring and autumn), establish a state-of-the-art digital platform with strong conversion focus and to substantially increase the lodge’s revenue over the upcoming years.

The main target group for the lodge are senior professionals, participants of business trips and adventurous couples in the age group between 35 and 55. For the re-branding aspect, OMMAX will modernise the concept, colour schemes, logo appearance, and the product placement of the brand within a comprehensive corporate design guide. The new UX optimised website will be based on these guidelines and the research results to receive a harmonious and search engine optimized website which attracts and engages with guests. As a result, we expect the site to increase its online leads and sales significantly.

Graham Austick, managing director of Lyngen Lodge, highly appreciates the collaboration with OMMAX. He states “OMMAX is very efficient and professional and we are looking forward to working with them. I am convinced that together we will be able to create and continue a great success story.”

“It is a pleasure to offer the re-branding and digital transformation services to enable the Lyngen Lodge to accelerate growth in terms of high-quality online traffic, lead generation and conversion optimisation”, says Dr. Stefan Sambol, Partner at OMMAX.

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About Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge is a luxury boutique lodge located in northern Norway, more precisely in the Arctic Lyngen Alps. The lodge provides a one-stop destination for Arctic experiences, offering full board en-suite facilities, excellent cuisine and a variety of activities led by their in-house mountain & activity guides, including tour skiing, Nordic lights watching, dog sledge runs, and much more. When Graham Austick founded the Lyngen Lodge, he had the vision to create a lodge which blends into the natural environment of the Arctic Alps. Lyngen lodge has since then become a place to escape, relax and connect with nature. Stays at the lodge are best described as a mix of adventure, ultimate relaxation and de-stressing in a serene environment.



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