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FOCUS: Top 2022 SME Employer

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The study “Top employers for medium-sized companies 2022” published by the business magazine FOCUS ranks OMMAX Digital Solutions GmbH among the best employers in Germany.


The top list was compiled by the research partner FactField GmbH on behalf of FOCUS. The research institute selected the top SME employers in 2022 for roughly 40 industries using a high-quality procedure. The survey was based on responses from a German-wide online survey as well as existing online employer ratings. The range of questions reflects, among other things, the attractiveness of the employer and the work environment, working conditions and career opportunities. In total, 38.000 companies were analyzed as well as 550.000 employee reviews. The top ranking is organized by industry and features around 4,000 exceptional medium-sized businesses. OMMAX came in fourth place in the category "consulting."

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