Impressions From Our New Year's Party 2024

In our beautiful OMMAX headquarters in Munich, we celebrated joint successes with our clients, members of our leadership team, and the Advisor & Expert Network


In the name of the OMMAX Partners and leadership team, we would like to say THANK YOU to the ones who joined our New Year's Party last Thursday!

Over the last 13 years, many of you have contributed to the incredible growth of OMMAX. We are proud to have completed over 2,000 projects with our +300 digital experts and remain committed to our mission of leading clients to lasting success by accelerating their tech, data, and digital transformation whilst empowering our teams to become the digital leaders of tomorrow.

It was an honor to have you as guests and celebrate the New Year together!

Highlights from our partner & co-founder Dr. Stefan Sambol

Despite 2023 having been a challenging year for the industry, we achieved +15% growth and partnered with an additional +100 new companies that decided to trust OMMAX in accelerating their digital, tech, and data transformation. Our 2023 highlights also include growing our London team to 20 members, including our new Partner Sinan Erhan, and starting 6 transformation projects in the US, supporting global brands from B2B and B2C in boosting topline growth and efficiency.

Some of the main trends we see impacting equity stories in 2024 are those around AI, customer-centric experiences, tech-enabled supply chains, cyber resilience, and Tech ROI. Our new product, Exit Readiness, addresses those trends and helps your portfolio companies to be ready to embrace them.

The economic outlook for 2024 is more positive than last year, and we had our strongest January in OMMAX history. All this would not be possible without our great clients and our highly committed, diverse, and entrepreneurial team!

Impressions from the Event

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