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Our cybersecurity strategic service supports our customers by assessing gaps, defining a roadmap for improving security, planning security architecture, and providing guidance on policies as well as performing due diligence reviews

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Cybersecurity Is a Crucial Topic for All Types and Sizes of Organisations

Businesses often consider cybersecurity a technical issue when it is actually a business project with a significant technical component. Together with our clients, our teams assess cybersecurity from a business perspective, evaluate the current state, and provide a roadmap for ensuring resilience to the inevitable cyberattacks that businesses often face.

Our cybersecurity commercial due diligence capabilities enable private equity companies and other investors to gain into the cybersecurity practices of the target company and its overall digital capabilities.

In close collaboration with OMMAX Advisor & Expert Network member Mirko Ross, a cybersecurity specialist, startup entrepreneur, and CEO of, we deliver the perfect expertise for cybersecurity matters: With his company, Mirko ensures that hidden risks along software supply chains become visible. Cybersecurity, according to the mantra of the Stuttgart-based company he founded and runs, is based on secure knowledge about one's infrastructure

To start, we will provide you with a 15-minute cybersecurity assessment:


Our Process to Create a Cybersecurity Strategy Includes 5 Steps

  1. Assess your current business strategy, state of maturity and preparedness through a gap analysis

  2. Define a cybersecurity strategy that aligns with your business strategy to reduce risks
  3. Build a framework of capabilities to fill the gaps we identified, prioritizing objectives to meet your specific strategic needs
  4. Work directly with business leaders and technical teams to ensure that the roadmap we have defined will be delivered successfully
  5. Reviewing the overall program, assessing the effectiveness of the strategy and working with you to enhance and optimize the ongoing strategy

We Will Support Your Business To:


  • Understand your current cybersecurity posture
  • Build a strategic roadmap for cybersecurity

  • Assess cyber risks from a business perspective

  • Build a comprehensive cybersecurity program and awareness

  • Improve your cybersecurity architecture


Reasons Cybersecurity Is a Key Strategic Concern


  • 62% of CEOs of SMEs stated that their firms don't have an up-to-date or active cybersecurity strategy, or any strategy at all (

  • 65% of board members felt that their organization was at risk of a cyberattack (CPO Magazine)

  • 44% of surveyed respondents note that they do not provide cybersecurity training to their staff regarding threats of remote work (databasix)

  • In 82% of data breaches, the human element was the root cause of breaches (Verizon)

  • By 2025, 45% of global organizations will be impacted in some way by a supply chain attack (Gartner)

Meet Our Cybersecurity Experts

Erik Gibson is the Cybersecurity Manager at OMMAX, working on security strategy and due diligence. He has 15+ years of experience in digital strategic development in information security for local and international clients.​ Before joining OMMAX, he worked as Lead for IT & Security for an industrial IoT startup, focused on leveraging AI and big data for rail digitalization. Prior to emigrating to Germany, he was CISO and co-founder of a credit card personalization bureau and developed the business both in South Africa and into Africa while ensuring that it remained innovative and secure, selling the business to a global competitor in 2016.​ Erik has multiple years of experience designing and implementing secure systems and consulting with clients on digitalization.

Mirko Ross, cybersecurity specialist, and startup entrepreneur, ensures with that hidden risks along software supply chains become visible. Cybersecurity, according to the mantra of the Stuttgart-based company he founded and runs, is based on secure knowledge about one's infrastructure. Mirko is a sought-after expert and driving force, building on the network he has developed over decades in industry, civil society and politics. His goal is to turn cybersecurity from a problem into an opportunity. The asvin platform BeeHive has received a 2022 IoT Evolution Security Excellence Award from IoT Evolution World, the leading publication covering IoT technologies. Additionally, Mirko is Winner of the KI Champions Award BW 2022 from Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg. 

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