Process & Automation

Offer your customers a seamless experience

Marketing & sales automation saves your organization time & money while offering your customers a seamless experience. By optimizing & automating processes as well as utilizing innovative technology we simplify marketing & sales efforts, increase impact for B2B & B2C clients, and create exceptional customer experiences.

We analyze your cohorts to truly understand your target group and design cross-channel that boosts your marketing & sales outcomes. Furthermore, we design & connect UX-optimized forms directly to data databases as input fields, we trigger automatic 1:1 personal communication in real-time in regard to the customer journey or create internal workflows that handover leads from different divisions into optimized sales pipelines. 

At OMMAX, we combine consulting & implementation of marketing clouds & CRM solutions and their operational processes. Our team of experts develops international data-driven strategies based upon customer journey along the entire sales funnel and advises on growth potentials, creates strong content offers, and reports data in real-time KPI-cockpits. And this, in a combination of premium partnerships with top marketing automation software, allows our B2C & B2B clients omnichannel personalized journeys to their end consumers, including real-time data of visitor behavior. 


With OMMAX Process & Automation, you can:

  • Create strong customer experiences while improving sales processes
  • Reduce labor cost and free operating time to focus on strategy
  • Gain insights on customer behavior by tracking potential and existing customers
  • Operate out of one place by aligning every campaign with the overall marketing strategy
  • Improve digital performance, e.g., ROI, CR, CTR
  • Increase conversions rates by predicting customer behavior and sending automatic personalized offers  
  • Multiply your profit by up selling and cross selling methods

Process & Automation Clients