Strategic Business Intelligence

Strategic Business Intelligence

Business impact through data

We provide business intelligence services that focus on your key business challenges. Based on your business model, we develop strategies, concepts and solutions to enable data-driven decision making and data-driven performance optimization. 

To holistically address business challenges, we provide business intelligence services along your entire data value chain, such as data tracking, engineering, analytics and data science. Our services are tailored to your specific industry (B2C and B2B) and relevant functional areas of focus, such as marketing, sales, and e-commerce.

Depending on your preferences and requirements, we offer solutions based on your in-house infrastructure or completely outsourced services developed in OMMAX own sophisticated BI infrastructure.

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With OMMAX strategic business intelligence solutions, you can:

  • Optimize your tracking set up to accurately track marketing activities in various digital channels and get detailed insights into the shopping behavior of users in your e-commerce shop
  • Integrate and link data from various data sources – such as marketing channels, CRMs, ERPs, etc. – in a central data warehouse in order to make them available for holistic analyses and dashboards
  • Develop dynamic reporting dashboards as a central source of truth for strategic decision-making as well as for day-to-day operational optimization
  • Establish data-driven decision making and data-driven performance optimization in your company

Strategic Business Intelligence Clients

How We Help Our Clients

CWS Workwear Visual

The CWS Case

Case Study Growth Strategy Strategic Business Intelligence Digital Experience Platform Digital Marketing Dynamic Reporting Processes & Automation E-commerce

Future winners think about marketing/sales optimization and growth in new ways, actively pursuing multiple digital transformation dimensions. Here is how, by integrating its business and technology strategy with the right partner, CWS built future growth for more than 10,000 employees and a 2019 revenue above €1,180 million!

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  • >4.5 billion € total revenue
  • >10,000 employees
  • >1.180 million € revenue in 2019

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planet sports

The Planet Sports Case

Case Study E-commerce End-to-End E-commerce Analytics Strategic Business Intelligence

Planet Sports is a leading provider of action sports and streetwear products. Based in Munich and with 20 years of company history, the company has 12 retail stores and operates an international online shop (omnichannel approach).

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  • OMMAX supported Planet Sports’ international digital transformation and the successful analysis of 10 data silos
  • The set-up and execution of the digital strategy involved 8 departments and resulted in +16.9 pp 
  • Digital initiatives resulted in -16 % toxic revenue cut for Planet Sports

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