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Tech strategy services are pivotal in empowering organizations to leverage their technological capabilities to the fullest. By merging deep business insight with technological expertise, our suite of services is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in today's complex landscape. Our focus lies in aligning technology with your business strategy, setting the stage for long-term success in an ever-evolving market.

What is your goal?

  • AI Assessment & Strategy: In collaboration with you, we will initiate a dialogue to identify your unique challenges, construct tailored use cases, and ultimately craft personalized AI strategies and solutions tailored to your business needs.

  • CIO, CDO, and COO Advisory: We bring a wealth of experience and insights to help you navigate the complexities of digital transformation, data management, and operational excellence. Our advisory services are tailored to empower your leadership in making informed, strategic decisions that drive sustainable growth and innovation.

  • Cybersecurity: Our cyber security strategic service supports our customers by assessing gaps, defining a roadmap for improving security, planning security architecture, and providing guidance on policies as well as performing due diligence reviews.

  • Tech Due Diligence & Exit Readiness: Our Due Diligence & Exit Readiness service is a cornerstone for businesses aiming to optimize their valuation, whether as buyers or sellers in mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. This strategic evaluation facilitates a seamless transition and maximizes value for all parties involved.

  • Tech Management: Our Tech Management service is the keystone in ensuring the seamless functioning of your technological framework and that your technology strategy is an enabler of business success.

OMMAX Tech Insights: Digital technologies enabling positive business impact in 2024

Navigating the current complex business landscape presents a unique set of challenges, especially for the midsize enterprises segment. We see the following set of “Triple D” challenges (Digital, Demography, Decarbonization) faced by midsize enterprises' decision-makers to be addressed along 5 major categories:

  • Market Competition and Innovation
  • AI readiness
  • Supply Chain Complexity
  • Talent Management and Skilled Labor
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility

To address and successfully navigate this complex environment, we have identified 8 tech drivers that have the potential to help midsize enterprises overcome and master these challenges, creating positive and sustainable business value when implemented the right way. Dive into our insights below!

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The OMMAX team’s in-depth analysis supported the identification of efficiency levers in the digital marketing domain, which will allow us to lift value creation potential in our holding period and support the stronger online proposition for the future.

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Stephan Rahmede VP, Aurelius Group

We are very happy that OMMAX supported us on an engineering-related due diligence engagement. It was not easy to find a firm that could deliver the technically challenging DD scope in that short period. Their results were on point, clear, and essential for our credit risk assessment.

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Christian Belotelev Head of Sales Infrastructure & Supply, DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing

We highly appreciated the critical perspective that OMMAX brought in through their commercial and tech due diligence. Furthermore, the AI impact assessment provided a differentiated understanding of the disruption risk that those emerging technologies represent for the business case.

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Christian Hansmann CFO, EMBRACE

Link11 was extremely pleased with the comprehensive technical analysis provided by OMMAX, which facilitated the successful acquisition of Reblaze. The work of the Tech and Cyber Security Due Diligence team provided an extensive overview of the current and future technical capabilities of the company's software as well as various post-merger integration options.

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Jens-Philipp Jung CEO, Link11

Unigestion was extremely satisfied with the comprehensive tech analyses that OMMAX provided, which facilitated the successful acquisition of TecVia. The work of the Tech Due Diligence team provided an excellent overview of the current and future tech capabilities of the company's software.

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Philipp Scheier Partner, Unigestion

OMMAX's support helped us drive forward the digital transformation of marketing processes at WAGO. As a result of our partnership, the implemented Sitecore Content Hub allows our teams to draw on standardized, best-practice marketing processes and to generate marketing content from a single, headless platform.

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Thomas Brandstätter Head of Product Experience Management, WAGO

We would like to thank the OMMAX team for their professional work during the acquisition process. We felt that we were in good hands due to the well-founded analyses and the critical yet constructive view of the OMMAX team. Continuing the good collaboration in the implementation phase is something we look forward to.

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Ana Fernandez-Mühl VP Synergies & Collaboration, EMBRACE

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DAL: Harnessing the power of clean tech

Case Study Automobilbranche Tech Technical Due Diligence

Deutsche Leasing Group (DAL) is Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe’s center of excellence for leasing, factoring, and other alternative forms of financing, with around € 12 billion of assets under management and new business of around € 1.65 billion per year. Deutsche Leasing Group is the solution-oriented asset finance partner for the German SME sector, supporting investment projects in Germany and other countries and offering a wide range of financing solutions & services. OMMAX supported DAL during a credit transaction review for a large CleanTech client with the technical assessment of a high-power charging (HPC) station concept to be rolled out in several hundred installations across Germany.

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Westwing: Harnessing AI for content creation and optimization

Case Study Digitale Ausführung Artificial Intelligence SEO

Westwing is a leading home & living e-commerce company headquartered in Munich. With a product offering that covers all Home & Living categories, Westwing's business model is based on strengthening flywheel effects by being a love brand for consumers. Having discovered untapped potential within their e-commerce category pages, Westwing sought to enrich these pages with high-quality content, unlocking more SEO value, page visibility in search engine results, and revenue. For this application, OMMAX built an AI-based MVP customized for Westwing, leveraging several data sources.

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  • 40-50% efficiency increase

  • High scores in SEO quality ratings​

  • Scalable, flexible, and tailored setup

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The WAGO Case

Case Study Digitale Ausführung Digital Experience Platform Marketing Tech

WAGO is an internationally leading supplier of connection and automation technology and interface electronics, as well as the global market leader in the field of spring clamping technology in B2B and B2C markets. OMMAX supported with the strategy planning and implementation of a Sitecore Content Hub, enabling marketing teams to manage digital assets, product content, and core marketing processes in a centralized environment.

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  • 7 aggregated campaign types with optimized workflows implemented
  • est. -15% in marketing campaign time to market
  • +33 countries able to replicate localized content in 2024
  • 4 systems’ digital assets unified in one platform

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