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The wider application of generative AI holds tremendous opportunities for businesses. In collaboration with you, we develop and implement personalized AI strategies and solutions tailored to your business needs

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Unlock top-line and efficiency growth for your business with ai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a tremendous opportunity for various industries to enhance their top-line performance while optimizing operational costs. At OMMAX, our comprehensive "AI Readiness Program" dives deep into the critical elements of people, technology, and ecosystem: we meticulously assess immediate challenges and pinpoint avenues for operational efficiency improvements, all within a structured framework.

With a demonstrated history of success in creating and implementing generative AI use cases, OMMAX has consistently delivered substantial cost savings across multiple industries. In collaboration with you, we will initiate a dialogue to identify your unique challenges, construct tailored use cases, and ultimately craft personalized AI strategies and solutions tailored specifically to your business needs.

Our AI Impact Assessment Approach

Discover 4 OMMAX AI services to support you in becoming an AI leader

  • AI Readiness Assessment 

Assessment of current AI maturity state and readiness for the introduction of AI along the company’s major input factors.


  • AI Use Case Definition

Benchmarking, ideation and formulation of value adding AI use cases, which are actionable and ready to implement, fitting to the unique situation.

  • AI Execution

Formulation / assessment of AI value creation plans, implementation of AI related change, new processes or automation of existing process steps.


  • OMMAX AI Academy

Training of team members in usage of generative AI, in formulation of processes and provision of AI tools to use in your organization

Our AI Leadership Roadmap

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With an OMMAX AI strategy you can:

  • Increase efficiency: Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, unlocking significant time and resource efficiency by freeing up human resources
  • Differentiation: Differentiate from competitors through the creation of innovative and personalized products and services based on the analysis of large customer data sets
  • Enhance quality: Process vast amounts of data and perform complex tasks at high speeds, allowing for faster and more informed decisions while minimizing errors, and the insurance of high-quality offline and online market dynamics, key drivers, and competitive environment
  • Scalability: Unlock significant operations scaling capabilities through the automation of tasks and processes supported by generative AI, allowing for growth at the same business size

AI Strategy Clients

We highly appreciated the critical perspective that OMMAX brought in through their commercial and tech due diligence. Furthermore, the AI impact assessment provided a differentiated understanding of the disruption risk that those emerging technologies represent for the business case.

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How We Help Our Clients

Westwing: Harnessing AI for content creation and optimization

Case Study Digital Execution Artificial Intelligence SEO

Westwing is a leading home & living e-commerce company headquartered in Munich. With a product offering that covers all Home & Living categories, Westwing's business model is based on strengthening flywheel effects by being a love brand for consumers. Having discovered untapped potential within their e-commerce category pages, Westwing sought to enrich these pages with high-quality content, unlocking more SEO value, page visibility in search engine results, and revenue. For this application, OMMAX built an AI-based MVP customized for Westwing, leveraging several data sources.

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  • 40-50% efficiency increase

  • High scores in SEO quality ratings​

  • Scalable, flexible, and tailored setup

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