Our partner carbmee is a leading software provider, leveraging cutting-edge methodologies to advance the carbon management market.

About carbmee

carbmee is a holistic carbon management solution on a mission to empower companies and institutions to get carbon reduction under management through the use of automation technology. carbmee's EIS™ is an enterprise software solution for value chain carbon management, specializing in Scope 3 emissions analysis and reduction. The AI-driven technology, combined with LCA precision methodology, enables enterprises to start working towards their climate targets in days - not years.


In today's business landscape, enterprises face increasing demands to address climate change. Customers, shareholders, and regulations all exert pressure on companies to achieve net-zero goals - this makes it crucial for businesses, regardless of their size, to prioritize sustainability and ESG efforts.

carbmee's EIS™ Carbon Management offers an end-to-end solution for assessing emissions across various aspects, including operations, products, and suppliers. By providing transparency and insights, EIS™ enables businesses to identify their optimal potential for reducing emissions and taking meaningful steps towards sustainability in 3 steps:

  • Measure: Holistic software for all carbon emissions and footprint calculations
  • Reduce: Supplier collaboration and planning of reduction initiatives across value chain
  • Report: Compliance with reporting standards to ensure impacts are measurable and comparable

OMMAX & carbmee

Given that positive ESG outcomes are proven value creation drivers with a strong correlation with solid business performance, it's imperative for firms to harness ESG initiatives in their operations. Sustainable digital value creation is key for forward-thinking companies and leading private equity firms transforming their business models for a net-zero future.

However, ESG reporting is a relatively new industry which can prove challenging for companies to address effectively, and net-zero solutions are perceived as an optional engagement rather than a business lever for competitive advantage and cost saving. But given the emergence of ESG as a key driver for long-term success, it has become a crucial consideration for investors across various industries.

We are very proud to count carbmee among our partners and continue developing the digital leaders of tomorrow, with our:

  • Commercial Strategy

  • Digital Operational Excellence

  • Advanced Data Strategy

  • Emissions Insights for Portfolio Carbon Reporting, powered by carbmee's EIS™

Be a Decarbonization Leader

Impact your organization's top and bottom lines while staying ESG compliant*:

  • Increase revenue by 15% to 25%

  • Avoid up to 45% carbon costs in the supply chain

  • Increase company valuation 10% – 20%

*numbers may vary depending on industry and company context.

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"ESG factors are becoming increasingly important for investors and companies, as a proven driver of value and risk mitigation. With carbmee's holistic approach to carbon management, businesses can accelerate their net-zero journey and turn their sustainable transformation into new opportunities and business growth."

Isabella Calderon Hoyos Partner | Digital Strategy

ESG Experts