Our partner Effectory is a leading employee feedback solution, with the mission to improve the working lives of millions

About Effectory

Effectory is a pioneering company that has set the global standard for employee feedback solutions. With over 25 years of expertise and partnerships with >1,000 organizations in 110 countries, including T-Mobile, KLM, and Rituals, Effectory is Europe's leading provider of employee listening SaaS.

With an intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge survey technology with the expertise of >250 employee listening specialists, Effectory offers your organization the most comprehensive feedback solution available. Effectory’s action-oriented employee listening strategies have a proven track record in reducing turnover, increasing engagement, and mitigating financial risk, ultimately leading to a more profitable and successful organization.

By harnessing the unique knowledge possessed by employees, Effectory empowers organizations to listen, learn, and take the lead.

Effectory's employee feedback solution

In today’s competitive and complex business panorama, a highly skilled and engaged workforce is vital to driving innovation, delivering value, and achieving operational excellence. By asking the right questions at the right time, organizations of all sizes can get insights that help them make data-driven improvements and avoid biases, blind spots, and assumptions.

Effectory's solutions allows you to get acquainted with common pressure points, and how to overcome them. Here is how Effectory's solution can help your business:

  • Cohesion within and between teams: Effectory provides survey sets investigating team cohesion and allows for managers to check in with people via regular pulse check surveys, for growing or established teams.
  • Diversity & inclusion: Effectory is dedicated to investigating how inclusive a workplace feels for employees, especially since diversity is a very important factor for job seekers and employees.
  • Sustainability & environmental impact: Environmental, Social & Governance aspects are a growing trend, mostly driven by public interest and new legislation. Garnering employee feedback and insights can also help an organization boost these efforts.
  • Employee wellness: Employers need to listen to their employees and implement initiatives to ensure that they are heard and taken care of. This is crucial in maintaining a workforce engaged and excited about their work, and thus retain the best talent.
  • Skills need to be learnt and developed: Although the skills required for roles in IT, finance, and sales have risen by 6.3% since 2018, management doesn't always know what skills specifically are missing. Pulse surveys and specialized questions sets can help organizations better train their workforce.
  • Lack of HR data: HR needs a supply of reliable, up-to-date, and comparable data to demonstrate the effectiveness of its initiatives. Effectory's solution provides a tool to collect this data, but also generates actionable information to support and inform a business strategy.

Be a World-Class Workplace

Effectory's mission is to improve the working lives of millions of people by harnessing the power of employee feedback.

Organizations boost themselves from within when they embrace their people’s knowledge and expertise. By asking the right employees the right questions at the right time, businesses get insights that help them make data-driven improvements and avoid biases, blind spots, and assumptions.

Employee feedback is the secret weapon that any organization can use to achieve its business and sustainability goals and be a world-class workplace!

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"ESG factors are a proven driver of value and risk mitigation. With Effectory's solution, businesses can strengthen social initiatives within their organization, turning them into business growth."

Isabella Calderon Hoyos Partner | Digital Strategy

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