A leading SaaS-enabled, composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that unifies content, commerce, and experiences

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Sitecore is a global leader of end-to-end digital experience software. Unifying data, content, commerce, and experiences, our SaaS-enabled, composable platform empowers enterprises to deliver unforgettable interactions across every touchpoint.

Sitecore solutions provide the cutting-edge tools companies need to build stronger connections with customers, while creating content efficiencies to stand out as transformation and innovation leaders. 



Our partnership with Sitecore empowers Enterprise-grade B2B customers to master their global marketing go-to-market via process standardization and cross-organizational collaboration. Leveraging cloud-native composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP), we enable our clients to cut time-to-market and ensure brand consistency through structured content internationalization – this lays the foundation for designing unique digital experiences across the entire customer journey and is the key to executing a global content strategy.

As a consulting and implementation partner, we support the following solutions:

  • Content Hub DAM 

  • Content Hub Operations 

  • Sitecore Connect 

"We believe that the Sitecore product portfolio has the leading set of solutions for marketing and commerce right now. With all its connected clouds for example one can collaborate across the globe with other team members on campaigns centrally, build personalized journeys, and make visitors find products and content easier. More crucially, companies are equipped with the instruments for the global go-to-market, better and faster. Great set of capabilities that customers are currently looking for!"

Peter Makovitzky Partner, OMMAX

Success Stories

The WAGO Case

Case Study Digital Execution Marketing Tech

WAGO is an internationally leading supplier of connection and automation technology and interface electronics, as well as the global market leader in the field of spring clamping technology in B2B and B2C markets. OMMAX supported with the strategy planning and implementation of a Sitecore Content Hub, enabling marketing teams to manage digital assets, product content, and core marketing processes in a centralized environment.

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  • 7 aggregated campaign types with optimized workflows implemented
  • est. -15% in marketing campaign time to market
  • +33 countries able to replicate localized content in 2024
  • 4 systems’ digital assets unified in one platform

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We ARE WINNERS OF Sitecore’s Partner Awards 2023 IN THE CATEGORY ‘RISING STAR’

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