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The aiutanda Case

Creating a Strong Employer Brand Within a Competitive Market

Development of a Holistic Digital Recruiting Strategy for an Outpatient Health Group

aiutanda GmbH – A Modern Outpatient Health Group

aiutanda GmbH was founded in 2017 as an initiative of private entrepreneurs. The initiative aims to shape the industry of outpatient healthcare in Germany and establish as the market and quality leader in individual holistic outpatient healthcare. Of importance are services in the field of outpatient nursing care for the elderly and sick as well as the provision of homecare products and people who help caringly for people in need.

aiutanda's concept to be a modern outpatient health group finds ideal conditions in the combination of the five private financiers’ experience in outpatient healthcare and the implementation security with the long-term development perspective of companies through significant capital strength and innovation. The company is oriented towards sustainable growth, which is achieved by entering into binding partnerships with companies in the outpatient healthcare market in Germany. These companies are actively further developed and become part of a large and strong health group.

Around 1.500 employees in various locations all over Germany, enable aiutanda to help significantly more than 2.000 needy people every day. To accept the challenges of the balance between humanity and digitalization to continue to grow healthily and steadily as well as to live with a sense of proportion are important goals. To anchor first-class quality and humanity in outpatient healthcare on a long-term and sustainable basis benefits both patients and employees. These qualifications enable aiutanda to make a significant contribution to modernizing the German care landscape.

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Employee Search in an Unattractive and Competitive Industry

The demographic change leads to an increased demand in outpatient nursing and care services. This results in a high demand for skilled employees. Working in the industry is affected by bad working conditions like high physical exertion, low salaries, a low amount of free time and results in a weak loyalty of employees towards their employer. To attract skilled workers, healthcare providers like aiutanda need to strongly compete for skilled employees by highlighting their benefits and being visible for potential applicants.

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The cooperation with OMMAX is excellent...

The cooperation with OMMAX is excellent: In addition to a clearly defined employer brand and a long-term recruiting strategy, we were able to establish a professional applicant management. This is how we find and retain valuable specialists in a highly competitive market. We are looking forward to further success through the close partnership with OMMAX!

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Christoph Schubert CEO auitanda

The Creation of a Strong Employer Brand and Recruiting Concept

OMMAX supported aiutanda in the development and implementation of a holistic strategy concept for the recruitment of skilled employees in the highly competitive nursing care market. Furthermore, a customized applicant journey was constructed, in which interested viewers of paid social media campaigns get to conversion-optimized landing pages of the aiutanda website, where they can convert to applicants fast and easily.
OMMAX developed a modern and target-group-specific employer branding which presents aiutanda as an attractive and modern employer. The website was relaunched in a target-group-specific and conversion-optimized way to increase the user experience. Additionally, a consistent and integrated applicant management was implemented. A strong focus was set on the set-up of a community on Facebook and Instagram, where aiutanda now is present as an established and visible brand.

OMMAX also constructed a database for comprehensive performance analysis and the continuous integration of live data updates which results in full transparency in the applicant's management and full coverage of digital KPIs.

"As part of our cooperation with the aiutanda family, we have revolutionised recruiting in the nursing care market. Our modern social media first approach is proving to be very successful both in terms of the number of qualified applications and the cost of these. We look forward to many more initiatives in the areas of branding, website, social media and applicant management together with aiutanda.“

Dr. Anja Konhäuser Partner

What We Have Achieved


  • OMMAX supported in the development of a customized applicant journey which lay the grounds for a fast and professional applicant management 

  • Digital initiatives and the launch of an optimized website resulted in a higher number of sessions and conversions as well as in a halved cost per lead 

  • The creation and implementation of target group specific and visually striking social media campaigns resulted in a continuously growing social media community and in a significantly higher number of applications

We are highly satisfied...

We are happy that we found a strong strategic and creative partner. The different measures of our common strategy are showing an almost immediate effect. We are highly satisfied!

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Christoph Schubert CEO aiutanda

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