The Alpega Case

How we Supported Alpega in building a global high-performing digital marketing and sales infrastructure

About alpega

Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company that offers end-to-end solutions that cover all transport needs, including transport management services (TMS) and freight exchanges.

The company software solution allows for the automation of customer’s logistic flows worldwide and is operated in more than 80 different markets around the world. Despite a very well-established presence and positioning, Alpega faces strong competition across all markets and operates across relatively mature digital markets, creating a need for sophisticated lead generation strategies, automation, and sales excellence. 

Our Digital Transformation Approach

We partnered with Alpega on their digital transformation, improving key KPIs throughout the digital funnel and enabling state-of-the-art website infrastructure, marketing & sales automation as well as digital marketing excellence.


1. 360-degree marketing platform & tech stack


  • State-of-the-art marketing & sales platform and tech stack resulting in strong conversion rate uplift and powerful lead gen engine

  • Ongoing digital improvements based on the latest industry developments and continuous testing (ongoing A/B tests) to maximize conversion rates

  • Holistic data collection, integration, and management incl. connectivity between web data and CRM, as well as a unified reporting suite for data-driven optimizations 


2. Digital visibility & brand development


  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and high-performing technical platform performance to increase digital visibility and website performance

  • High-quality content engine and thought leadership (glossary, premium content, webinar etc.) for the generation of high-quality traffic in core markets

  • Digital transformation of the Alpega brand for optimized target group approach and positioning as an industry leader in a competitive environment


3. Global digital marketing ecosystem


  • Digital & ROI-driven advertisement ecosystem leveraging the full marketing mix along complex B2B software customer journey 

  • Multi-channel campaign strategy (incl. ABM tactics) along key verticals and markets to fill sales funnel with relevant and high-volume Marketing leads

  • Global data collection, tracking and behavioral learning for optimized campaign strategy, efficient ROAS and constant scaling of CAC 


4. Marketing, service & sales automation


  • Marketing automation for nurturing highly relevant soft leads and leveraging of cross- and up-selling opportunities

  • Fully automated customer journey utilizing direct bookings, progressive profiling, and lead scoring for improved efficiency and sales excellence 

  • Implementation of automation along the marketing and sales funnel resulting in higher average contract values, improved customer retention rates and efficient CAC

project milestones

A global digital transformation of marketing and sales infrastructure for demand & lead generation was implemented while successfully scaling marketing ecosystem and automation along complex B2B customer journey to reach growth targets. Milestones across the project include:


  • 360-degree marketing platform & tech stack
  • Digital visibility & brand development

  • Global digital marketing ecosystem

  • Marketing, sales & service automation


Together, We Achieved:

  • +38% branded search volume CAGR 20-22

  • +102% lead quality increase YoY Q1 22-23

  • +78% pipeline generation YoY Q1 22-23

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