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The amazon Case

How OMMAX Created Value for One of the Largest Corporations Worldwide


Amazonflex – The Package Delivery Service for Everyone

Amazon continuously aims to create new opportunities, striving to not only make customer service better but also more flexible. As a result, in 2019, amazon introduced amazonFlex to the German market. With amazonFlex, individuals can become a delivery partner and earn money, delivering amazon packages in their area of convenience.

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A Delivery Service Without Delivery Partners

In mid-2019, amazonFlex approached OMMAX to support them in the overall marketing management for the flex program in Germany.

A plan for station launches in 2019 and 2020 was set, yet the high necessity for delivery partners was still very concerning for amazonFlex. Moreover, an unoptimized sales funnel from signing up to becoming a delivery partner created a steep drop out rate.

The Creation of an Overall Marketing Eco-System

Within a short period, we set up numerous digital marketing channels, including various job platforms, and solved several different offline marketing initiatives. By thoroughly analysing the target market, we quickly managed to understand the right approach to contact potential delivery partners for amazon.

A dedicated dashboard showed the daily performance per city per channel, which enabled us to make city-based daily spending decisions that outperform the market. Moreover, the panel provided us with the insight that we were facing different target groups based on various German cities. Because of the daily analysis, we were able to respond quickly and create dedicated ads that address the different desires per city.

In addition to setting up and managing the online and offline campaigns, we supported the amazonFlex team with a forecasting model.

What We Have Achieved

  • 160.000 leads generated
  • 20% increase in monthly leads
  • 10 unique campaigns launched
  • 15% in CR
  • 20 channels integrated in a dynamic dashboard

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